Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Puppy Love

Oliver as a baby puppy - isn't he adorable!

It's been a sad few days at our house. Our puppy Oliver has been having some on and off again limping problems with his back leg. He would limp for a week and then it would go away. Finally it appeared for yet a third time. Off to the vet we took him. I had figured he had some sprain but I was fearing worse....cancer or some other horrible disease.

It turned out to be not as serious but worse than I'd hoped for. Initially they thought he had either a bone chip on his knee, water on the knee or an ACL tear. The first two wouldn't require surgery but the last one would. All day yesterday I was a beside myself with worry of our little pup.

We picked him up from the vet yesterday and have been told to place him on kennel rest for 3 weeks!!! He also has an anti-inflammatory medicine for 4 days. After the three weeks of kennel rest, he can begin to have short leash walks and after two weeks of that he can resume normal activities...and will hopefully be healed up. If not then surgery it will be.

Kennel rest means he's in his kennel when we go to work and he can only come out to sit with us on our laps while we watch T.V. He's even getting carried to the backyard for his bathroom visits! He's only been doing kennel rest since last night and he's already getting frustrated, he must think we're the worst!

One thing this made me do is realize that we should really have some insurance for him. If he needs this surgery after his kennel rest it will cost about $1500 at the most, but if we get insurance they pay 80%. And once we have it, he's protected for all other types of mishaps and illnesses. He's part of our family and there's no way I want to see him suffer if there is a way we can help.


  1. What a cutie! Glad it's not to serious! Is he not going nuts being in the kennel a lot? Mine would be!

  2. I'm afraid he's going to hate his kennel by the time this is over!

  3. Beautiful puppy. I'm so sad he's suffering. He needs lots of TLC

  4. Our fat Labrador Reagan has health insurance. The humans in our house have zero insurance. I lost a filling a few weeks ago and wondered if I could pass myself off as Reagan to get some dental care down at his veterinarians.

  5. I have just fallen in love with Oliver! He is gorgeous. I hope he gets feeling better soon. I know you miss walking with him ♥

  6. What a drag for him and you! Can you get insurance for him now, if he has a pre-existing condition?

  7. Oliver looks great .. hope he feels better soon. Would love to get an update.

    ** Prayers **