Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Saskatchewan that is, {sa-skach-uh-won, -wuhn} Canada's Best Kept Secret

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Saskatchewan that is [sa-skach-uh-won, -wuhn], Canada's Best Kept Secret

Can you keep a secret? If so I'll share with you 5 reasons why Saskatchewan is a great place to work, live and even vacation at. We Saskatchewanians work hard to keep this secret well hidden in order to preserve our way of life, but if you can keep the secret what harm can there be.

1. Saskatchewan has received a bad rap for many years in Canada. We were the province everyone was getting away from. They were packing their bags and heading to greener pastures or so they thought in Alberta and British Columbia. What they are now finding is that the quality of life in these larger provinces is considerably less than that of Saskatchewan. Right now in Saskatchewan a regular 3 bedroom home with garage in a good neighborhood would cost you no more than $200,000. That same home in Alberta would cost you approximately $400,000 and if you go further west to Beautiful British Columbia it would cost you a whopping $600,000 minimum. Yes folks the housing in Saskatchewan is affordable as well as our car insurance - most people do not pay more than $1,000/year for their cars and on top of that we have great provincial health care that costs you nothing. We are beginning to see signs now of people wanting to return to our beautiful province. They want to live in a city where they don't have to spend all their time commuting or working all hours just to pay their half-million dollar mortgages. With homes climbing at exceedingly high prices in Alberta, B.C. and Ontario it's easy to see where the best choice to live is.

2. The beauty of it all! Saskatchewan is home to over 100,000 lakes! If you are an outdoor person this is the province for you. We have the best to offer in fishing, hunting and camping bar-none. We have many fly-in fishing camps that are kept busy throughout the year as travelers from all over the world visit to partake in some of the best fishing around. If you are interested in fishing, hunting or camping, plan a holiday here today!

3. We have some beautiful vacation spots for those who like to be pampered and where relaxation is the key to a good holiday. In Watrous Saskatchewan we have Manitou Springs. This natural salt water spring flows into a pool at their resort. You can lay in the pool reading a magazine or book and the whole time you'll be floating calmly around.

4. Need more pampering, visit the Moose Jaw Temple Mineral Gardens, they too have a lovely pool. They have a mineral rich geo-thermal pool that flows from a natural spring 4500 feet below the earths surface. Many people ‘take in the waters' and feel rejuvenated. These waters have been known to help increase metabolism, Speed healing, relaxes and detoxifies the body. Taking in the waters is only one of many things you can do to feel refreshed and relaxed. The spa offers facials, body wraps, massages, pedicures and more. After getting all pampered up why not take in an exquisite dinner at Harwoods - their fine dining establishment. Do you need a get away, planning a honeymoon or an anniversary trip? If so check out their fabulous ‘A Little Bit of Bubbly Package', it includes an overnight stay in a luxurious Anniversary Suite, complete with fireplace, in-suite Jacuzzi, terrace over looking beautiful Cresent Park, a bottle of bubbly with keepsake flutes, decadent breakfast for two and access to the naturally heated mineral-rich geo-thermal indoor/outdoor rooftop pool. The cost for such a romantic evening will only set you back $387.39 Canadian. What a way to say I Love You, to the special person in your life!

5. Besides our great living, wonderful hunting and fishing as well as our breathtaking resorts we also have many great arts and sporting events. Regina is home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the summer and the Regina Pats in the winter as well as we have hosted the Tim Horton's Brier. If you're into sports, we have it all! For those of you who sports isn't their thing, check out some of our local plays at the Globe Theatre, experience theatre in the round, or check our Regina Little Theatre for more plays. We are not short of fine establishments for dining or delightful hotel accommodations. We have delightful restaurants in our lovely downtown in refurbished 1900's houses. Looking for a wonderful place to stay the night, check out the Hotel Saskatchewan. Stay where the Queen stays when she visits, they keep you pampered with a lovely sleep number bed and a beautiful view of Regina's downtown Victoria Park. Experience a Sunday Brunch at the Hotel Saskatchewan or the Regina Inn, you won't be disappointed!

You see there are several great reasons to make Regina home or a great vacation get-a-way! Come for a visit, you won't be disappointed with what we have to offer.

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  1. WooWoo! You SHOULD write for the tourist bureau! That's a great post! Now, you will be beating the tourists away. I'll come soon as the Google ads pay off, which will be about the time I win the lottery...
    Good job.

  2. Thanks Shelly, I'm not really supposed to share these secrets, if my fellow Saskatchewanians found out - I'd be kicked to!

    It really is a great place to visit though!

  3. Beautiful place:-).
    Have a great day!

  4. Thanks! You've taught me how to say Saskatchewan! I used to say sa sack chew on :)

  5. Anonymous1:22 pm GMT-6

    By one of those odd coicidences that make my life so interesting, I visited (with my wife) both Moose Jaw's spa and the Manitou Springs Spa and Inn near Watrous. Moose Jaw's is superb; the one near Watrous is very disappointing: the spa is just barely acceptable, but the building housing it and the hotel is aging very rapidly. Chipped paint, dirty hallways, holes in walls, dead bugs galore in the back stairwell, yeeccch.

  6. Oh my. That picture is breathtaking. 100,000 lakes? Oh my, that's a lot.

  7. Anonymous6:50 pm GMT-6

    I don't know why people keep bragging about cheap sask car insurance. I lived in Sask, BC, NWT, ONT and AB.I owned a 2005 Mustang and these were the rates for 2 million liability, $500 deductible $200 comprehensive deductible, BC $1850, AB $860, Sask $1300(basic insurance only, $200.000 liability, $750 deductible no comprehensive coverage). I also have 97 Ford pickup that cost $780 in AB but cost me $1190 for the same coverage in SK.I have the records to prove it.