Friday, May 18, 2007

Sleepover with Granny

First I want to take the time to sincerely thank Lindsay of Splat Designs for my new and beautiful template! She did a fantastic job - and she was very easy to work with. If you are considering getting a new template - give her a try, you won't be disappointed!! I absolutely love it, and it was exactly what I had in mind when I contacted her about doing one for me.

Secondly, I just wanted to remind you all of the Knitted Give-A-Way Contest! The deadline to enter is next Sunday by 12:00 a.m. Central Time. We currently have 18 people entered. I have been increasing the prize with an item for every 10 entrants. All we need are two more people to enter to win in order to have another item added to the prize. It currently consists of two handknit hanging kitchen towels, and 4 dishcloths. I've really had a lot of fun working on this give-a-way and I'm excited to find out who the winner will be. I am also no longer using Mr. Linky for entering(I lost him when I did my new template) and I don't think I'm going to bother getting him back. All you need to do to enter is to go to the contest post, place a comment and post about the contest with a link back to me on your blog - easy as 1, 2, 3! Good Luck to you all!

It's a sleepover at Gramma's finally! Its taken some years but my mother-in-law is finally having my daughter over for a sleepover - yes my 14 yo, and my DD had to ask for the sleepover. It's sad and happy at the same time. It wasn't until my sis-in-law had her 3 girls that we really noticed there was a huge difference in how our kids were treated in comparison. With the other girls she made sure to have regular Saturday visits, sleepovers and outings. Things that never, ever happened with our kids. My DH once tried to mention this to his mom but all it did was get her angry and upset and it resulted in one outing with Papa. So this sleepover is a huge deal in our family and for me in a special way as I had several of these with my Granny and Grandpa and the memories still fill me with such joy!

I had always wanted my kids to have the fun I had as a child with my Granny and Grandpa. I'd sleepover a lot at their house and for me it was also the one place I felt completely and truly secure.

My Granny and I would prepare our afternoon apple snack - she'd always peel, core and slice the apple and we'd have them in tiny blue fruit nappy bowls. Those were the best apples ever!!! I don't even really like apples too much, but I always remember those apples. There wasn't any toys at Granny's but I always found things to do. I would go down into her basement spare bedroom that she used as her sewing room and dig through her 'big jar of buttons'. I liked feeling the buttons slide through my fingers. I'd go through those buttons and they'd look like a box of treasure. Picking out the ones with jewels I'd set them out and imagine what fancy outfit would be worthy of such a button.

Then of course there was Granny's yard. They had a big two seater swing that I could swing on for hours. When my sister and I were there together we'd pretend we were on a train, someone got to be the conductor.....'All Aboard'! Swinging the afternoon away and only taking a few breaks here and there to sneak into Granny's garden and eat some delicious peas, mmmmmm nothing like fresh peas from the garden! If we were really lucky, the strawberries would be ready for picking. I don't think Granny ever got any berries for jam, we probably picked them as soon as they were up. Sometimes I would get to help Granny put the laundry on the line, this was a lot of fun and I loved to take it off when it was dry - it smelled so fresh and clean!

We'd go for a walk down to the DrugStore that was a few blocks away and Granny would buy me a treat. Once she bought me a paper doll set - that kept me busy for a few afternoons. I loved those walks with Granny. I knew we'd be heading to the store that was across from Grandpa's old butcher shop and Granny would always talk about the shop and what it was like when they ran it. She remembered the phone ringing non-stop for orders that Grandpa would deliver. She'd always give the children a wiener when they came in to the store with their parents. I loved hearing these stories and I loved walking by the ol shop! Today that shop is now a corner store and I love to drive by and imagine when it was full of life with Grandpa and Granny and my mom sneaking in and grabbing a slice of bologna or wiener after school.

Before bed Granny would make up a little pot of porridge and I'd have a small nappy size bowl before having my bedtime bath and brushing my teeth. What were all those funky toothbrushes for in the bathroom? I always wondered about that when I was a kid, they had little pokey things sticking out at the bottom of the handle. My grandparents bathroom was a curious place full of all types of vitamins and medicines that they'd purchase at Old Fashioned Foods.

Occasionally Granny would convince Grandpa to play on his accordion and we could dance along as he played our favorites like 'Roll out the Barrel' and the 'Chicken Dance'! Of course they always had on their daily 'stories' or in the summer evenings it would be a RoughRider game on the T.V. or they'd be listening to it on the radio. The front porch door open and the big box fan whirring away, sending a cool breeze on us as we drank ice cold pic-a-pop!

There are so many memories that I could go on and on about. I really hope that my DD is able to have some of these later to cherish when her Gramma and Papa are no longer here. For me my Dear Granny is turning 92 this summer, she is spry and has her wits about her but she now lives in a personal care home. My dear Grandpa has been gone almost 3 years now, but he was gone for a long time before as he had a form of dementia and had been in a nursing home for 6 years prior. Having had such a close relationship with my Grandparents has been very rewarding and the memories we built will last forever. Although Grandpa is gone and Granny is getting older - I always have those good times to remember and when Granny too has to leave this world they will help me to always keep her in my heart.


  1. You give Granny a kiss for me -- she sounds sweet.

  2. Your story brought back memories for me, I was close to my grandmother also. It's great that we have those memories. I hope the visit goes well for your daughter.

    Nice post!

  3. Beautiful Tea. I love the button Oma had one too.

    hope the girls really enjoy their visit :)

  4. Porch swings and button jars...yeah. I remember 'em. Great post, Sweet Tea. I hope your kids have a blast.

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  6. Thanks Toni, I didn't even notice that!