Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thursday 13 - Happy Anniversary

1. When I won tickets to the Contiki Night at the Keg, I almost didn't go. My friend Jane and I were struggling to decide if we should go or not. We weighed our options and thought at least if we went to the Keg we'd probably get a nice steak dinner. I remember dressing for the night in my brown mini skirt and leopard print top and doing my bleached blonde hair perfectly so not one strand was out of place. Off we went to our ‘girl's night'! Once we got there, we were extremely disappointed when we realized the whole evening was put on by Contiki to sell travel packages. As we sat through their videos of their different vacation packages we comforted ourselves in the knowledge that we'd soon be treated to a splendid dinner. Then dinner was served and weren't we shocked to see nothing but buns and cold cuts to make our own sandwiches! By this point we were feeling a little bummed out about our choices for the evening.
2. As we sat drinking our cokes and grumbling about the audacity of winning tickets to a promotional event we met up with Mr. Cool(as I'll call him) the cheesy Program Director of the radio station. Now we didn't know Mr. Cool was trying to get some underage loving but thankfully two of the other DJ's noticed us and came over to save us from Mr. Cool's evil clutches. Who rescued us you ask? Well a nice DJ that we both knew from various radio functions(I won a lot of stuff back then - movies, records etc.) and accompanying him was a young guy I had never met. He was all spiffed up in a blue sweater with a dress shirt underneath and dress pants - very preppie I thought to myself. Although I almost did a double take when my eyes moved downward and saw his high top runners!
3. Yes that was our saving grace that evening. We managed to escape Mr. Cool's Evil Clutches and I ended up meeting a very nice looking guy! He seemed ever so nice but he was a bit shy like me. I knew very strongly that I couldn't leave that restaurant without getting his number or him having mine. I have never felt such a powerful pull - so I very courageously bravely got my friend to ask him for his number. We swapped phone numbers and he told me he was off to work the night shift at the radio station.
4. I tossed my Midnight Oil record into the trash - I had never heard of this band before and I thought the night was a total bust. We stood outside on that cold February evening waiting for our ride (as we so graciously declined the cutie pie's invitation for a ride home).
5. When I got home I told my mom all about meeting this super cute guy and how he had saved us from this Mr. Cool. You see Mr. DJ and Cutie Pie told us all about Mr. Cool and why they felt the need to rush over to save us! Turns out Mr. Cool was infamous at the station for coming into the station late at night with some really young girls on his arms as he showed off where he worked. He was transported right out of the 70's with his shirt unbuttoned showing off his carpet covered chest and his flashy jewelry gleaming as he tried to weave some Mr. Cool magic. These guys needn't have worried about my friend and I, but I'm glad they came over. The evening went from dull to fantastic in just a few minutes.
6. I quickly ran to the local 7-11 to get a nice cold Big Gulp and when I returned my mom was standing at the door looking all ‘mortified'. The problem, well it seems that while I was off getting my caffeine fix Cutie Pie had called and she was annoyed that I wasn't there to answer the call. I guess she was in a huge rush to marry me off or something - sheesh I was only 18 after all!
7. I went upstairs to my bedroom and took up all the courage I had to call into the radio station and talk to Cutie Pie. In no time at all we were talking like old friends. We talked that night through his entire shift. I think at some points I was hallucinating as he swears I was talking about ‘pink elephants' but I'm sure he must have been wrong.
8. It wasn't long before we went on our first actual date. My mom saw him as she calls it ‘bouncing' up the steps with a smile from ear to ear carrying a golden box. In the box were 2 dozen long stemmed red roses. They were the most beautiful roses I had ever seen( I still have the petals from them as they dried up ever so perfectly). We were off to see the movie Good Morning Vietnam at the Capital Theatre.
9. The movie was great and after we went to a local burger place where I refused to actually eat a burger in front of this new Cutie Pie! It was going to take some time before I could actually eat in front of him! He ordered himself a huge burger, fries and a coke and I meekly selected an order of fries and a coke. I remember sipping that coke ever so I could prevent any burps from escaping.
10. Mr. Cutie Pie had to work after our date so he was dropping me off at a local club where I was to meet up with my mom. Off we went on our local freeway to the club. Everything was going fine we were cruising alone in his Ford Comet with the AM radio playing some tunes and all of a sudden we were doing a 360o in the middle of the intersection on the freeway. As we sat there spinning and spinning almost not realizing what happened Mr. Cutie Pie went all quiet. We got through the spin out without incident, thankfully there were no other cars around. He dropped me off and I just felt like he didn't have a good time. What had gone wrong?
11. When I got home that night I quickly called him up at the station. I had to know if he still liked me. He was so mortified that he had almost killed me that he didn't know what to do. He was quiet because he was certain I would want nothing to do with him. Boy was he wrong!
12. We dated all through the summer, visiting the local fair and having a ton of fun. Later that summer Mr. Cutie Pie landed a different DJ job in a small town. What to do? Well we were convinced we'd be getting married anyway so I'd go along too and we'd plan our wedding from there. We didn't do things the usual way. We were young and a bit stupid and thought why not have a baby - and we did. All of a sudden the parent's had no problem in planning a wedding. We didn't even mind(not really) that they chose the date, the menu well basically everything except the colors and my dress - we knew that we were in love and all that mattered was getting married. It didn't matter where or when or who came or who didn't. We didn't even really mind those looks and the comments we'd hear ever so quietly behind our backs about how this would never last.
13. We were married the following spring on May 26, 1989 on a beautiful summer day! Our colors were red and white. Mr. Cutie Pie looked so handsome in his white tux with red cummerbund and bowtie! Miss. Cutie Pie was all fancied up in a princess style wedding dress! And in an evening ceremony we said our ‘I Do's' with a small gathering of family and friends! I have never looked back, never wondered ‘what if'! I married my soul mate that day, my best friend and to you Mr. Cutie Pie I say Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you more now than I ever thought possible, with each day that passes I love you more and more. You were truly my saving grace that day 19 years ago on a cold February evening way back in ‘1988'. Together we have created a beautiful family with two wonderful children! I look forward to growing older with you and having the time when it is just ‘us' at home and to traveling and just ‘being' with you! I love you Mr. Cutie Pie.
Mrs. Cutie Pie

Happy Anniversary!!!

22 Years and still going strong!

Today it is 24 years and going strong. I knew the day I met you that you were the one. I have the most thoughtful husband a girl could ask for, every morning he brings me tea in bed, after all this time we are still head over heels in love and we hate being apart, in fact we work together and after 12 years of that we still love it, I remember those quiet glances I overheard the whispers 'this will never last' 'they're just kids'. It is true, we were and yet here we are all these years later still in love and in fact more in love than ever. I can't wait to dance with you on our 59th anniversary!


  1. I really enjoyed this TT! What a sweet story with lots of humor sprinkled in...I love the spinning incident! lol! Thanks for sharing!

  2. A great story, and very nice picture. :) Happy TT!

  3. This is the sweetest love story ever, Mrs Cutie Pie! I thought it was so funny that you wouldn't eat in front of him (I did the same thing...what was that about?). Thank you for sharing it and Happy Anniversary!

  4. What a great way to do a TT! It was a great story. Happy Anniversery, BTW!!

  5. What a creative TT! Happy Anniversary! Make sure you send Mr Cool a thank you card for introducing you to your Cutie Pie!

  6. Happy Anniversary....

  7. I love the way you did this... It was so much fun to read! Thank you for sharing your wonderful love story :)

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Cutie Pie!

    (My TT is up, too!)

  8. Awwww....I believe in true love again! What a sweet story and all the better because it's true! Happy TT!

  9. Awww very sweet! A great TT list. And Happy Anniversary!

  10. After I realized that you were still talking to me even though I'd almost killed you...I just knew I had you hook, line and sinker! LOL! Love you Mrs. Cutie Pie!

    And hey, I wonder whatever happened to Mr. Cool?

  11. Great TT! It's so sweet how you met and fell in love! Would make an excellent romance novel!

    Donica Covey

  12. Great TT - I always love a great romance! byoc

  13. That is such a sweet story! You guys were 'babes', but fate is fate no matter what the age! Happy anniversary.

  14. Mrs. Cutie Pie,

    This is one of the sweetest things I have ever read. I can tell that you are still very much in love. I think it's fantastic!!! I just celebrated my 15th! I can't believe how fast the time goes!!!!

    Congrats to both Mr. and Mrs. Cutie Pie!!!

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  15. what a wonderful story congrats on your anniversary and your daughters graduation

    Next year on your 23rd anniversary my baby girl will marry her Cutie Pie!!!