Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Mother's Day Award & More

I know you fellow bloggers out there are some pretty phenomenal Mother's! Gosh, a lot of you are SAHM and Home Schooling as well. I am a mother and I know how hard we work and it's almost never appreciated! I want to give you an opportunity to win yourself an Award that you deserve,'s a Mother of the Year Award. An award that you can display proudly on your blog to let the whole world know that 'you' are the best!

Want to know how to win? All you need to do is write a post about why you should win 'Mother of the Year'! I'm sure there will be a lot of sweet reasons, but let's get really honest mom's. There are those moments that we put up with...I'll give you an example. My son once spilled a 4 litre jug of cooking oil on my kitchen floor, yep! Do you have some reasons like that? The more creative the better, my DH has an odd sense of humor and I'm going to invite him to be the judge.

Secondly, place a link in your post back to this post so that other mother's have a chance to win this 'Sweet' Award! Please enter soon - the award will be awarded on Mother's Day at 10:00 p.m. Central Time. At this time I'll ask for your email address and I'll send you the code to place your 'sweet' award on your sidebar! Scroll to the bottom and see the 'sweet' Award! The third and last thing you need to do is comment, yes I won't know that you've entered unless you leave a comment on this post.

So write a post, link it to this post and comment...and we'll see what DH decides is the best posting.

So without much further Ado, I present -
Thirteen Things I will never say to my kids.

1. Stay out as late as you like!

2. Finish that pop before you get down from the table.

3. Of course your girlfriend/boyfriend can stay the night.

4. Let's hit the tatoo parlor and get matching tatoos.

5. Don't worry about cleaning your room, no one goes in there anyway.

6. Why don't you play some more video games, you've had enough outside time for today.

7. Turn the music up!

8. If all your friends are doing it why don't you.

9. Would you like to get your tongue pierced?

10. Don't bother saving any of your money, it's more fun to spend, spend and spend.

11. You don't have to eat your vegetables.

12. Finish that birthday cake up for breakfast tomorrow - uhoh, I think I have said this one.

13. Can you wear more revealing clothing - you'll never get a boyfriend dressed like a librarian.

One more Bonus Thing! I actually had to say this yesterday - No, you cannot wear a dog collar!!!
This 'Sweet' Award Could soon be yours!

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  1. Guess I shouldn't tell you that Luke's 'girlfriend' spent last Friday with us? Ok they are only 4 and 5!

    #4?? No??? That's bonding! Just kidding- I won't be saying that either!

  2. My daughter and I can get some funky matching mother/daughter tats...lmao!

  3. Great idea for a T13! Might have to steal that one in a few weeks. Did I say steal? I meant borrow, if that's ok with you that is.

  4. I liked all of these, but absolutely loved the last one! This was creative and funny.
    I got to think about the mom of the year contest....

  5. Excellent! I love the contest! I'm mentioning it tomorrow on my post, ok?

  6. Great list. Since I only have toddlers I haven't been faced with not saying most of these. But I am sure it will be an issue in the future.

    Love the idea for the award.

  7. Fun list. I have always hated vegetables. I used to get the "you are not leaving the table until you eat your vegetables" talk all the time, and I'd just fall asleep at the kitchen table.

    They tried, but they eventually gave up. I'm 29 and still don't eat ANY vegetables except potatoes...and they barely count.

  8. I'm not a mom, but found this list very amusing! And actually, my mon didn't say #4 to me exactly... instead of tattoos she said nose piercings! Hehe.

    Happy TT and Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Fun list! The only one I might say is turn up the music since DD & I love all the same stuff! :)

    Also what a great contest! Not sure I have a story to win though! ;)

  10. Come on all you mother's I'm sure you have a hilarious tale to tell, one that maybe wasn't hilarious at the time. Get creative!

    I love to hear good mom stories!

    Do you go out of your way to take the kids to soccer, and cook dinner and help with homework?

    There are so many ways mother's deserve an award!

  11. LOL, those were funny!

    I will work on my post now!

  12. Really funny list! I'm working on my contest post and will probably publish it later tonight.

  13. What an awesome spin on the mother's day theme! You had me laughing out loud!!! Especially with #13. With 3 teenaged daughters and stores full of what I like to call "hoochie mama" clothes, I recently had to make a new rule in our house....No B's....that's right. I don't want to see any boobs, butts, bellybuttons, bra straps or bikinis. I'm not that anxious to see the boyfriends, either :)

    Great list! Love, love loved it!!!!!

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  14. LOL great list for TT. The last one was the best!

  15. OK Teamouse, I wasn't going to enter, because I couldn't think. But then I read your comment about your daughter (which I responded to you, below your comment,) and I know now we're kindred spirits. So, is it OK if I enter a previous post? If not, I have a new one - but it's really serious, and teary. The old one is pretty funny.

  16. Hi Susie, feel free to use an old post! I think I could use comic relief - you can enter whichever one you'd prefer.

    Now I'm going to your site to read your response.

  17. OK. I entered. Thanks for the motivation.

  18. Will you be my mummy?


    Funny list!