Saturday, May 05, 2007

You've got the wrong number

Dear Caller:

The first time you called my cell phone and I recognized the number as a local hospital one, my heart nearly stopped beating. I answered in a panic to hear you ask for a 'Viola'. Thanking my lucky stars that it was a false alarm, I proceeded with my day as normal.

Then the cell phone rings again and my DH notices a 555-DUMB and I disregard it as one we don't know. It doesn't yet stop there.....oh no if it did that would mean life was too easy for me. I once again answer my cell to the question asking me for 'Viola', yet again I respond ever so calmly that you have the wrong number.

Now I don't know too much about dialing phones but I do know that if you get the same wrong number over SIXTEEN times that you would think to check that you are entering the number properly. Maybe you need to invest in a 'big button' phone as you obviously have a problem hitting the right numbers on your current version. Or, is it that you are incapable of dialing a number altogether, I am sure you could get a trained monkey to do it for you.

I don't know who this 'Viola' is, but she must be pretty darn popular - the phone rings for her day and night. She is probably feeling a little unloved though as I am receiving all of her calls.

I suggest you get this problem rectified ASAP, to prevent any further consequences!!


  1. That is wicked annoying, and if you were mean (which I know you're not..) boy you could have a field day.

    I think I would ask the caller to tell viola that she is giving out the wrong number, unless it's the same caller calling? Maybe Viola did it on purpose.

  2. Ok I know it's not funny but I can just picture 'Viola' sitting there some pissed off because no one's calling her. Hope it gets rectified soon. Or just tell them Viola passed away when they call. Kidding! I am SO kidding!!!

  3. How funny. Some people just don't get it.

  4. Great post..Hope your phone doesnt ring for a while

  5. Years ago, when we first moved to this town, we constantly got phone calls for Edna. They called night and day and late and night and early in the morning. But one day we didnot get a call for Edna and never again. I don't know what happened but we kind of missed her, who ever she was. I don't know how some folks use their phones but we usually get their wrong numbers, I don think. lol. I am just glad I have a telephone. connie from Texas

  6. We have an old business's number -- an old business that apparently opens, scams people, and then closes. We JUST got a call from a lawyer this morning. I hope he believed me when I said we aren't them. Most do not...

  7. We had that with our home phone for a bit. We were getting calls from collection agents calling us deadbeats and liars! This went on for a few years and we finally had to call the phone company and ask what we could do as the number was blocked. I still get the occasional call for her and I noticed when I rent at rogers if I just give my number they ask if I am her...sheesh!

    It can be very annoying at times.

  8. Teamouse, your rant blew my dress up! I can so relate. What's particularly annoying is when they call and speak Spanish! I had to look up how to say "get lost, Bozo" or something actually a little more risque. Great post.