Thursday, June 14, 2007

Love To Share? Share a Square. Afghans for Kids with Cancer

Shelly from This Eclectic Life is on a mission. This dear friend of mine wants to put together enough afghans for all the children who attend Camp Sanguinity next year. This is a camp for children with cancer.

In order to make this a successful mission we need YOUR help! If you crochet great! If you know someone who crochets, you can tell them about the project and pass on all the required information(how to make the squares and where to send them), if you don't crochet you could advertise the project on your blog, or this may be the time to learn a new hobby - it's totally zen!!!! Read below as I've taken some excerpts right from Shelly's Blog Post about her mission.

Is Shelly out of her mind? Probably. To make 140 afghans with all small squares, we will need 6720 squares! If you really help, my mail carrier is going to go postal!

Here’s my idea. I’ve found a granny afghan pattern that is very simple. It requires 24 small squares and 6 large squares, but it could work with just 48 small squares. If I can get people to send me the crocheted squares, then I’ll ask folks in my community to put them together; I’m not shy. With every square you send, attach a signed “best wishes” card (you can give an e-mail address to the child if you want). Each afghan will be put together with squares and good wishes from at least thirty different people.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. ~Author Unknown

Now the question to you is how will you help?


  1. WhooWhoo! We should have called our campaign: Hookers for Cancer!

  2. Hi Tea Mouse,

    Thanks for the pattern. I did a post but didn't recognize you as the creator of the button. Off to do that now.

    This is exciting.

    1. Anonymous9:47 am GMT-6

      Are you still doing this?? If so, I've got a group of ladies that would love to help!!

    2. I'm not sure if Shelly is still doing this project or not, her blog addy is: you can stop over and visit and contact her and find out.