Monday, June 11, 2007

Eight Things I Know - Pass it on!

Well I've been tagged by Shelly at This Eclectic Life to do a Meme created by Damien at Riley Central it seems he and I have something in common, he just turned 38 and I am going to turn 38 at the end of this year. Hard to believe but true.

I'm so thankful for being tagged by Shelly, this is something I think I've been wanting to write about. As I get closer to 40, I learn more things about myself and it's amazing that when you're twenty and you're all over confident and you think you 'know it all'. Hmmmmm, I hate to break it to any of you(I don't actually think I have readers that young, but just in case) you don't! I love growing older if only to become more wise and more comfortable in my own skin. There is something so freeing about it.

So without much further ado, here are 8 Things I know!

1. There is nothing better for your brain like a 'good book'. I recently went book crazy and ordered a ton of books from the library. These included some from my How many have you read? and some authors that I used to read.I just finished reading The Devil Wears Prada. I could barely put this book down it was so enjoyable. I'm now reading The Grapes of Wrath and soon The Time Travellers Wife. What I've realized is that there are times and places to read good literary classics and fun good time reads. All that matters is that you read!

2. I know that drinking 8 glasses or more a day is good for me. When I stop drinking my water I can tell the difference right away in how I feel. If I could pass on any advice it would be to drink more water. I once read that most people walk around dehydrated all day and have no clue. We drink all sorts of coffees, teas, lattes and more but water consumption seems like a last choice. I didn't realize how dehydrated I was until I actually drank water. I rarely have to take medicine for a headache anymore and I don't feel slow and sluggish.

3. I know that time is extremely important and I shouldn't waste it. At times I know I still do. But I know that I should take the time to tell the ones I love that I love them and to make time to be with them. I don't know the hour or the day that I will leave this life and I truly should live each day like it could be my last. That's not an easy thing to do, as somehow I get too complacent with life.

4. Red nail polish is a bugger to remove! There is nothing more annoying than trying to get my red stained fingers and toes clean. I have yet to find an easy way to do this, if you have a tip let me know!

5. Forgiveness is just as much for the forgiver than the forgiven, even more so. It isn't easy to forgive, but if you do, you'll free yourself of that anger and hurt and it's truly rewarding. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you forget. It means that you no longer carry around the anger inside and you become a happier person because of it. Having Faith in God and being able to forgive is a true blessing!

6. Good footwear can safe you a lifetime of problems. It's true, I've got the orthotics to prove it! Stiletto's may look ultra chic and those funky flip flops may look like fun but all they do is cause future problems. Have you seen feet with bunions? Thankfully I got diagnosed with a heel spur before my feet got too bad. They still look nice, they just can't take the abuse of flat shoes with no support anymore.

7. Down time is extremely important for a happy me! If I don't take the time to relax with a good book, knitting, crochet or even a computer game I'm pretty darn hard to live with. At my job I deal with people all day long. Some days it's not too bad and other days there seem to be people under foot all day. On a day like that I just need 'quiet' to rejuvenate. It's nice to have workspace that I don't really share and I'm pretty used to having quiet in the office - well with the exception of a phone that sometimes rings constantly.

8. Enjoy the body you have. If you don't, you'll inevitably make it worse. Take a look at Michael Jackson or Cher. It's easy to see what happens when we are dissatisfied. I once convinced myself I was 'fat' to later realize that at the time I thought I was 'fat' I was indeed thin - except I had now pole vaulted to the 'need to lose weight' category. I think everyone sees themselves as worse than they are. The best weight loss advice I ever heard was not to use a scale, but a tape measure instead. Weight will fluctuate up and down depending on what you ate, what time of the month it is etc. The tape measure will tell you the God's honest truth, it will even compliment you for turning the fat into muscle instead of a scale going up when you just know you had to have lost weight. Also, you can tell it in your clothes. If you think you've lost weight but the scale is telling you another story, go ahead and try on that pair of jeans that were a little too snug. You'll soon know if you've lost or not.

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  1. Excellent advice, Sweet Tea. So young and so smart! I knew you didn't post on weekends (though I still always try to check and see if just maybe...). Thanks for adding the links, I just think it's one of those good things to do. Gosh, if we go around reading all these we would be full of knowledge, wouldn't we! Oh, I guess we'd have to follow the advice, too LOL!

  2. What a great blog and great advice...

    I love me some down time as well

  3. Hi Teamouse!!!

    This is a great post. I just picked up "Gone" by Jonathan Kellerman (he's one of my favorite authors ever!) and I can't seem to put it down. Stayed up way too long last night reading!!

    You know, I was shocked by how much better I felt drinking more water every day, too!!! I was getting so tired every afternoon and just coincidentally, I saw something on the news about that. They said the most common problem was dehydration. I started drinking more water and I'm not crashing in the afternoons like I did before!!

    Really enjoyed your post. It's been fun reading everyone's responses to this.

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  4. Tea,
    I loved the Devil wore Prada, the movie was good, but the book was so much better! I haven't read The Time Traveller's wife, but have heard good about it.

    Water is key for Weight Watchers and I always have a bottle going, especially when driving.

    So true about time! Great list, I love reading everybody's, we are all so similar, but written differently.

  5. Been there, done that on #4. That is a pain. I love a good book too. I totally agree about not using the scale. I know if I've gained weight just by putting on my jeans. No need to startle myself with the actual numbers.

    Thanks for the tag. I will try to get to it soon, promise.