Monday, June 18, 2007

Five Reasons Why I Blog...

Thanks to JennyMcB from J's Thoughts and Musings for this tag.

When I started blogging I had no idea that I would end up liking it. My DH had a blog and he was right into it and I couldn't understand what the big fuss was about. Then I began to read other people's blogs and I was drawn to reading them and then into writing mine more often. Now I am a 'blog addict'. I think somewhere in the blogosphere the must be a Blogger Anonymous that I should really join up with. So here are five reasons I Blog.

1. I have met some pretty cool people through blogging. I was getting to a point that I know several bloggers can relate to. It's that point when you realize you've been talking to yourself for, what seems like forever. You have no audience to speak of. Then something amazing happened, I began to get traffic and then I began to get readers and all of a sudden I had people that I visited daily. Now the first thing I do in the morning is check in with my Blogroll family and see what they're up to. I feel like we are true friends and not just 'blogging buddies'!

2. Since I began blogging I've found some really neat patterns for crochet and knitting. Not long ago I joined the Crochet Ripple Along. I found the CAL through someone's blog. I saw pictures of these gorgeous ripple afghans in such vibrant colors. I was immediately 'hooked'(pardon my pun) and I had to both join the CAL and begin my own ripple afghan. There are so many talented people that are a part of that group and I get inspired to crochet just by checking in daily. I've also become a part of the 'Love to Share? Share a Square. Afghans for Kids with Cancer'. So now I am not only crazily rippling away but I'm a granny-a-holic. I really am turning into a Happy Hooker. I've just sent a package off to Shelly from This Eclectic Life - I managed to make 10 Granny Squares on the weekend. They are so much fun to do and so quick to make.

3. The blogging world consists of so many people from all over the world. Through blogging it feels like the distances and the borders just disappear. It's so wonderful to meet people from all over North America and beyond! I love to go to blogs from different countries and learn about what life is like for them. I'd love to find someone who lives in Tuscany and blogs - I dream to go to Tuscany.

4. Creative Juice - I've never been a huge writer - writing is not a strong point for me at all. I struggle to find the words to write in a pre-made birthday card. Even though I am not a good writer blogging taps into that creative side of my brain and gets me doing things I never thought possible. I would have never thought that I would enter writing contests, but I do and even though I know I'll probably not win one - it's great fun and I thoroughly enjoy it. Again I am also inspired by other peoples creativity - from recipes to crafts to weight loss tips - there is so much creative inspiration out there in the blogosphere and I am so addicted to reading about it.

5. Relaxation - Just like a good book or a good movie a good blog takes me to a nice happy space. If I'm down in the dumps or I just feel like being somewhere else, I can pull up a good blog and just let the words take me away. Some of the blogs I read have such talented blog authors, the writing takes me to so many different places and I experience so many different feelings. I love to take my break at work with a nice cup of hot tea and a good blog!

So why do you blog? I'm going to leave this open ended for anyone to do this meme. If you'd like to blog about this leave me a comment and I'll pop by and see why you are blogging. It's great to see the different reasons why people blog.


  1. Great reasons Tea, you are so right about the creativity that is out there. With the internet, it's all just a link away.

  2. What a great list of reasons! I would only add that I blog in order to feel part of the crafting community. I think that it is only too easy to feel as though crafting is viewed as irrelevant, and being part of a group validates us. So thanks to all you bloggers out there for the inspiration and sense of belonging.