Monday, June 04, 2007

Is that perfume I smell?

Rushing around to find the perfect outfit to wear to attract the DH's interest is not that hard of a task after a few years of marriage. Pretty much anything that shows of legs is fine enough to do the trick. A few spritzes of his favorite perfume and you have done the trick. After a few years, he knows all the signals and at the first whiff of the perfume he's clued in.

But wait! You didn't think it was going to be 'that' kind of story did you? Well did I mention that I have two teenagers? Well I do and when they see me wearing a dress and even a hint of perfume they exlaim in surprise, "why are you wearing a dress, and is that perfume I smell?" Yes folks, gone are the days when you could simply put on a dress for no reason and dab a little bit of perfume to catch the eye of your beloved. These kids are on to us! The little ones were so clueless!

What is a true romantic to do? There's always the 'long car ride' possiblity. In fact just the other day it was a good time for ice cream and just some 'time alone'. How to get out of the house without the kids wanting to come....hmmmm? That is the trickiest part!

Ok, here goes: "we just need some alone time." Sounds logical enough to me, but then I see the look of horror on my 14 yo's face as she exclaims 'Ewwwwwwwwwwww'. She obviously translated 'alone time' into 'nookie time'. But then I quickly realize as the look of horror slowly ebbs away from her face as we tell her it wasn't like that. How on earth would I be able to do 'that' in a car. Nope friends, I can't see that happening. The last thing I want to explain to a Jaws of Life Rescue Team is how my foot ended up stuck in the steering wheel!

Well we've eliminated the long car ride, is there a possibility of sneaking in a little 'romance' while the kids get sent on some silly errand. "Can you two run to the store for some milk?" This is always a safe bet as we are always out of milk, I don't even have to look into the fridge to verify this. We have a resident milk drinker and it's nothing to go through a 4 litre/day! Of course sending kids to the store you are always met with that dumbfounded look of 'What' on their faces. Time to sweeten the pot a little, here take a $20 and don't worry about the change....that should do the trick.

Just when you think that the coast is clear, there is a banging at the front door - Nooooooooooo I scream silently! Yes, it seems even the promise of some sweet cashola isn't enough to keep the Cain and Abel in our family to get along together for 5 minutes! Next thing you know they've been sent grumpily to their rooms. No milk and no romance!

But don't worry, I am not about to give up that easily! Didn't DD say she wanted to go to a friends to sleepover and didn't DS tell me about some horrible rock concert that I've been trying to stall him on! Safety aside, I'm sure the kids will be fine for one night doing 'who knows what'. After all it's just one night and the DH and I could really use the 'time alone'!

Teenagers off to their 'evenings out', DH and I are ready to settle in for a night of just 'us'! The lights are low, the jazz music is flowing softly from the stereo a nice bottle of Zinfandel to share.....we are set! I mean really what else could possibly go wrong right? The teenagers are out of the house there is no chance of them returning early - so we are snuggled up on the couch all cozy and enjoying the time together. Even the dog is asleep - perfect evening! Next thing I know the phone is ringing, time to pick our DS up from his rock fest, yes folks we fell asleep!

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  1. ROFL! Unfortunately, Tea, I'm so old that I was predicting the falling asleep before you zapped us with that zinger. Great post.

  2. This has happened to us a time or two! Funny story.

  3. Oh geez and I'm not that old but I thought for sure it would end up with someone falling asleep too. Guess that only happens in the T house!

  4. Yes, our kids are getting old enough to be aware too. We're coming up on our 15th anniversary in a couple weeks and I think we're just going to leave town for the night.

    They can't argue with that.

  5. Oh dear, the things I have to look forward to!