Sunday, June 17, 2007

Love to Share? Share a Square - Blog Roll

These wonderful people are part of the Love to Share? Share a Square project! If you are participating in this project please let me know and I'll add you to this blogroll! If you haven't heard of this wonderful project - click on the button to read all about how you too can participate!

This Eclectic Life - Our wonderful founder!
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Up the Hill Gang
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  1. Hi - I am part of this and quite frankly can't make sense out of the pattern Shelly gave us. Someone taught me how to crochet some 30+ years ago. I haven't crocheted in years. I think I am in way over my head.

    I am going to a fabric shop today to get a how to book and see if I can make sense of any of this. Shelly said she used a different crochet hook than the one in the pattern to make sure that the squares are 6x6. I haven't a clue how to do this either. So, HELP!!!

    After looking at the picture of Shelly's finished squares I'm in a panic. I know I can't make anything to look that good. I can't sew either. I am plain not crafty. HELP!!!

  2. Oh dear, don't despair! If you did it before you can pick it up again easily.

    The first square I made was only 5" x 5" - I thought there was no way I'd need a 6.00 mm hook, but I did. I just ripped it out and started again with a size 6 mm hook. It might take a few tries to figure out what your tension is like. It's ok! Just fiddle with it. Measure the square when it's done to see if it's 6" x 6". There is no trim to be added, just do the 5 rows and then weave in your ends.

    I am sure you can do it - I am going to search online for some great 'how to' videos and post links later on. That might get some of the newbies some much needed help too!

    If you need more help you can email me at mrs_tea_mouse at hotmail dot com and then we can email each other and get you crocheting away!

  3. Hey, Tea! Why don't you put out a post calling for someone to make a video just for this project? I'll direct people over to you. It's possible that one of the ladies that made the webcam videos I sent you to see would be able to make another one in a jiffy. I think it might help people a lot. Let me know if you want to write a plea for it. Otherwise, I'll beg. I'm not proud!
    Thank you!