Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Outsmarted Once Again

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Previously I had entered JennyMcB's Limerick Writing Contest. I thought I had done pretty good, I wrote about my crazy life with two teens.

Well this morning I am alerted to the fact that I have a new comment on my Limerick Post. Turns out my DD while home alone had snuck on the computer and read my blog and put up a version of how she sees it. So without further ado here is her limerick:

there once was a mom named teamouse
who lived a really calm house
with a really sweet daughter
who loves to read harry potter
She would have no need to be in a nuthouse.

If you read my other limericks you'll see a drastic difference between hers and mine. This is probably how she really sees the world too, I've read the reports that claim a teenagers brain is not fully mature/functional so perhaps she really sees the world in this way.

In any event she really outsmarted dear ol' Mom yet again!


  1. LOL! Your DD is living in a fantasy world isn't she? I believe yourversion. But, she's a very good poet!

  2. That's cute. :)

    She's sweet and talented.

  3. Oh to be a teenager again! What a sweet limerick!

    I can only imagine if I let my three boys and their potty mouths write a limerick for me. It's tough to be the only one with estrogen in the house!

  4. LOL, that's pretty funny:-)

  5. Why can't I come up with something good like these???