Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - All About Dad

If you read my Dear Dad letter, you'd know that I didn't have a dad growing up. He and my mom got divorced when I was one and he lived two provinces away. It wasn't until I met my DH and his family that I really knew what a Dad was like. I immediatley adopted him as mine. He was everything I thought a Dad was. When my DH and I became parents, I could really see what a Dad could be like. Here are 13 special 'Dad' things I've experienced.

1. The first Christmas I spent with my DH's family I was blown away. My father-in-law decked the whole house up like a Christmas wonderland. I watched him put up the glittery tinsel be-decked balls and he had a big grin on his face. I was astonished at the work that he went into to make the house sparkle. He truly has a knack for creating some special Christmas memories. The whole house decked out and hospitality galore. That was when I learnt how to create lasting memories for our kids.

2. DH and I continued these Christmas traditions for our children. We didn't have a lot of money but the tinsel decorations that were in fashion were pretty cheap. My granny came over one year for Christmas and proclaimed 'This is Christmas Wonderland'. It was great to see the look on her face. That year we had no fireplace, but DH wouldn't let that stand in the way of creating childhood memories. He proceeded to spend a few hours secretly in the basement. Later he came upstairs with a big grin on his face. He created our own fake fireplace from cardboard boxes. The kids absolutely loved it. That year at Christmas we proudly hung our stockings pinned to the cardboard mantle.

3. My DH has always had a passion for writing. When our DS was 3, he wrote him a story that was all about him and a gopher named 'Green Apples'. It was a great story, and to see the smile on my DS's face as his Dad read him his very own story that he wrote was a memory I'll treasure always.

4. Our DD, came home from kindergarten one day before St. Patrick's Day talking all about the leprechauns and how they played tricks on people on St. Patrick's Day. I guess they had talked about this during class and she was adamant that they'd be visiting our house as well, even though they never had before. That night DH decided that we had to make it happen. We put the kitchen furniture in the living room and the living room furniture in the kitchen, the milk was turned green and so on. Well when DD woke up we could hear her screaming throughout the apartment, "the leprechauns came, they came, I knew they'd come". Of course we had a bit of a gigle knowing who they really were.

5. DH and DS have to go on at least two fishing trips each year. They pack up some sandwiches and head off before sun up and head off. They've yet to come home with a catch. They're usually full of mosquito bites and filthy, but they each have huge smiles on their faces. I don't think they'd miss it for anything. Each year our DS once again mentions how they have to plan their 'annual trip'. Even though they never catch anything, there is never a question in DH's mind of 'if' they'll go but rather 'when' they'll go.

6. Dad's say 'I Love You'! This never fails to bring a smile to my heart. My DH tells the kids he loves them at least once a day and even though they're both teenagers they both want a bed time hug and they always get it.

7. When we were younger our cars would break down a lot! DH's Dad was always there to the rescue. Whether it was to help find a part and take the time, even during the middle of winter in an un-heated garage to help DH install it, or to come along while we searched for another used car. He never complained when we sought his advice or needed his help. His door was always open and he was willing to share his knowledge with us.

8. Growing up I had a step-dad for a bit and he was really the only Dad I knew. I remember one day that we were eating supper and Dad(I've always called him Dad) wasn't eating. I didn't think much of it at the time and Mom assured me he wasn't hungry. It wasn't until years later that I was talking to my mom about him and she mentioned how when times got tough if there wasn't enough food for everyone, he just didn't eat. I've had my ups and downs with him as is normal with a step-parent. This really blew me away that he'd go without supper just so us kids would have enough to eat, and that he never made a peep about it and if my mom didn't mention it I never would have known.

9. Dad's can build anything....ok, maybe not but they'll sure try. There are the endless hours spent on building kites and birdhouses not to mention the model airplanes. In our house it was always DH's job to build the presents that needed building. We'd be up well into the wee hours on Christmas Eve's and the eve's of birthday's so DH could assemble a bike or build a doll house. He actually reads the instructions, where I am completely lost, well until it comes to putting the stickers on. I am sure he had many late nights building toy after toy when the kids were little.

10. In our house DH is 'guy with all the useless knowledge', or at least that is what we tease him about all the time. But if you have an odd question about whales or why the sky is blue, it's Dad that the kids run to. He never tires of answering the endless barrage of questions. He answers them in great detail and always explains so they understand. He explained it so well that our son when he was 3 years old loved to impress the grandparents and anyone who would sit through it the story of the digestive system!

11. DH was also the official 'tooth puller'! For some reason it always had to be dad. One day when DH was out and DD had no choice she came to me crying about a tooth needing to be pulled out. I managed to do it without causing her too much emotional stress, but she never asked me again. Apparently dad has the magic tooth pulling touch! Our DD has never been good about having them pulled, it was always a 'big deal' but somehow he had the patience to always do the job and do it well.

12. When our DS was three, we had our first camping trip. It was my first camping trip ever! DH wanted so much to be able to take his son to the great outdoors that he even managed to deal with a LW who hated camping and it poured rain. We were using only a small pup tent at the time and no matter how gloomy it looked, or that we had to stay inside this tiny tent with a 3 year old, DH managed to keep all our spirits up. He is a huge optimist and he manages to make even our miserable times fun. I think our kids really enjoy having someone who is upbeat and can turn even a rainy camping trip into a fun time.

13. My best dad moment was the first time I got to hug my dad. I had met him in person when I was 23 but he didn't seem willing to hug him and the whole time I just wanted to hug him. Now whenever I see him there is always a BIG hug hello and a BIG hug goodbye. We live miles apart and when we do get together it's so special. I wish I could get to know him better and have him be a bigger part of my life, but I know that he loves me and I love him. There is something so special about a hug from a parent, and I am glad that I finally was able to get mine.

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  1. This was a special TT for you. What wonderful memories! I'm so glad you are able to get to know your dad. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  2. Aww, how sweet! Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. That was a really special post -- thank you.

  4. awww ..such a sweet post! specially #8 ... Dads are really something, aren't they? of course, moms are, too, but that's another category. :)

    happy T13!

  5. How timely. Perfectly sweet.

  6. Thats so awesome...Dad's are great:)

  7. Awww great TT list! Very touching.

  8. The leprechaun story made me smile. Happy TT.

  9. You might not have known your real dad, but you have definitely had some "Dad" experiences. The one about your stepdad not eating made me cry. This was a good post, Tea!

  10. Oh darn it, you made me well up :)

    That was so nice to read. Your husband sounds like a dream. I wish my husband would think to do those types of things with my kids.

    You guys are so sweet to each other.