Friday, June 01, 2007

True Romantic - and the winner is...

First I want to thank you all for entering, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your entries. They each spoke to me in different ways. I am not going to do a tie this time around - although it was very close between a few of the entrants.

The winner of I'm A True Romantic is - Boho Rhap with her entry entitled: A Love Story. I loved how this was written and I was cheering her on as I read it, it really pulled me in and made me want to read more. I couldn't wait to scroll down and read more, she told a great story.

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  1. Congrats to the winner!

  2. I went & read the winner's post & it was really great, I don't know about the other posts but I liked this one a lot!
    Here from Micheles tonight.

  3. Congratulations to Boho Rhap! It was well deserved. I already told her she was the winner as soon as I read it. Sigh. It was VERY romantic!
    Thanks for having the contest, Tea!

  4. sigh....what a beautiful story! And you're was written so well!!

  5. Tea, thank you so much. I'm both thrilled and amazed that you chose my entry! I enjoyed writing our story and sharing it with everyone. I showed it to D last night. He asked me to send him a copy so he could read it. He said he knows we've lived it, but he'd like to have a copy so he can re-live about romantic.

    Again, thank you, this was fun!