Saturday, June 23, 2007

What I'm Up to...

I didn't get too many squares made during the week as life got a bit hectic so I figured I'd spend some time today making squares. Last night I popped over to Yellow Rose Garden and I was inspired by her bright squares - and you know what that means. Mmmmmm Hmmmmm, a trip to the yarn store. Look what I found!

I did find some extra spare yarn to make into squares this morning - to date I've made 15 squares. I've sent a package of 10 on its way last week. I'm hoping to get another 15 made by early next week.

I have this extra yarn from my DD's ripple afghan! The yarn I purchased solely for the use of the Love to Share Squares is the same kind. I bought some more of the bright blue and the lilac. I just love those colors!

This also inspired me to do something else I have been much too delinquent with - donating blood. I was crocheting those squares this morning when it struck me, I'm doing this for kids with cancer, when was the last time I donated blood. I was a bit embarrassed to realize it had been a long time. The last time I went, it was to a mobile clinic and I must have been really dehydrated because I stopped bleeding and they were very impatient with me. I know, I know I shouldn't let a bad experience stop me from doing these things - that's why today I am back on track and now I have regular appointments to go every 56 days. This time was a bit better, I was a little slow but it didn't stop and with a little wiggling of my fingers I was done in a decent amount of time.

So now I'm off to tear into that wool and make some squares!

How many have you made? Are you curious what I'm going on about, click the button below for more information on how you can help by crocheting or spreading the word on your blog.


  1. Tea,
    I am addicted to these squares and this morning, my friend called to say that she had snagged a box of yarn at work. She came over to learn how to make the squares and an hour visit turned into three hours of us crocheting on my back porch. I have 24 done and after struggling with trying to crochet tighter, I am going to a g hook. I will post pictures tomorrow.
    I love the colors you got!!

  2. Those colors are wonderful, Tea! Looks like candy! You are so good. I've been working on squares, too...and I'm going nuts! I can't wait to see the squares...this is really fun! I didn't think it would be, actually. The only thing I'm missing is time to visit other blogs!