Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Five Simple Tasks Everyone Should Know...

Shelly from This Eclectic Life posed this question recently on her blog.

1. I think everyone should be able to cook a few basic meals. You don't need to be a celebrity chef in the kitchen, but you should be able to boil water, cook an egg etc. My grandpa couldn't cook to save his life and it would always put stress on my Granny if she was unable to be at home for surgeries etc. I think this is something I have to get to with my DS, I don't want to send him out in the world being unable to cook basic meals.

2. Laundry/Ironing. I think everyone should be able to sort and do laundry and know how to fold and put it away properly. As for ironing, I almost never do it - but when it needs doing you have to do it. Nothing looks worse than rumpled clothing, or someone turning a whole wash load of whites pink - including boxers!

3. Everyone should know how to type. In high school we took a basic typing class in Grade 9. I don't remember doing that well, I had a hard time getting my pinkie finger to do any of the work. Later on we got our first computer and it didn't have a lot of games, but it had this cool typing tutorial and I found it fun to use. I managed to teach myself to type at about 45 wpm. Nothing frustrates me more than to watch someone trying to type with 2 or 3 fingers - it takes them forever and they make a ton of mistakes. With us being such a computer generation I'm surprised they don't put more of an emphasis on keyboard skills in school.

4. I think sewing is a great skill. Again, you don't have to be a fancy seamstress - but it comes in handy when pants need hemming etc. I don't consider myself a good seamstress at all and I've had several 'hair-pulling' moments as I sewed costumes like dinosaurs and angels. I also loved the moments when I could sit confidently enough with my sewing machine and sew my DD a box full of barbie clothes for Christmas. This skill can be as simple or as complex as you desire it to be. Even my DH is capable of using the sewing machine to do a simple hem or repair.

5.Basic First-Aid! This will come in very handy when you have little children. I myself don't know CPR or how to do the Heimlich Maneuver, but I think these are essential skills when you have little kids. My DD once choked on a quarter when she was two. I had no idea what to do - in a panic I picked her up and flipped her over my knees and hit her back until it came out. You'd be surprised at the injuries kids will get - it's good to know when you can handle it and when it's time to head to the E.R.


  1. A very good list and similar to the list I share with Shelly/

  2. It's an excellent list, with good reasons behind each one. Thanks for posting it. Let me go link it!

  3. That is a great list, and I do agree. My children have all learnt the basics in these areas, and I would say that they surpass basics in the area of food and laundry.

  4. Fabulous list! (especially #1)

  5. But when you say "everyone," surely you don't mean ME! :D

  6. Excellent list and I couldn't agree more. My husband was useless when I married him because his mother did everything for him. I told myself if I ever had a son he would never be a burden to his wife like his father. And it CAN be a burden. But I am proud to say 21 years later the man now cooks ME a poached egg in the morning and can cook very well. It's all equal in the T home. No one is a burden to anyone any more :o)