Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Low Libido - Try Exercise!!

When you say the word exercise how do you feel? If your like most people you'll probably say tired or sore, or a combination of. I too used to believe these things. I mean how could exercise do anything but make me tired and achy.

I was running on my elliptical last night. Now to tell the truth, I haven't been on it in some time. I have still remained active with daily walks - Oliver wouldn't have it any other way. I would sit and watch T.V. at night and wonder if the elliptical would still be an option. Would I have to turn the tension down or go at a slower pace.

Well last night DH took Oliver for a walk and I just couldn't bring myself to head out into that humidity. Our weather lately has been HOT and with our high humidity in the areas of 60 - 90% I just find outdoor activity too much. I come home soaked in sweat and everything is sticking to me...so I decided to let him walk Oliver.

I didn't want to avoid activity so I got the courage up to get on the elliptical. I started out nice and slow to warm up as I listened to the Bee Gees, Staying Alive. Soon I was running along at a good pace - I didn't turn the tension down and I even added 5 extra minutes to my routine. I was so impressed, I felt great - I felt thin, sexy and oh so healthy.

That's when it hit me. So many people have no idea how invigorating exercise is for you. Exercise doesn't rob you of your energy, it pays you back and with interest. An added bonus of an increases libido- it's true! It is so good for you and the sore and achy feeling you get soon pass and leave you with happy muscles that are more than happy to carry you around all day. I may not have been immediately transformed to my desired weight, but it gives me the self confidence to push to get there. It makes me realize that I can do it - and my goal is attainable.

How has exercising changed your life? Have your opinions of exercise changed over the years? Do you think I'm insane for enjoying exercise? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. You're not insane at all. There's nothing sexier than someone who's in shape, and who loves getting in shape and staying there.

    I ride my bike every day. I ride significant distances, and I fly. I feel physically challenged to keep the bike moving at speed, and I feel mentally challenged as well. It`s impossible to not feel strong and vital when I`m in the saddle.

    Even when I'm off the bike, I feel happy when I think back to some of my wonderful cycling adventures. Aside from being in amazing shape, it keeps my mind sharp, and prepares me for whatever life throws at me.

    Sedentary couch potatoes are the furthest thing from sexy. You're bang on with this!

    Haven't visited in a while. Am sure glad I did...you're always such a delightful read!

  2. I'm in the process of getting things set up in our new exercise room so I'll let you know when I start exercising. I'm very excited to get started though! And when I was watching the news tonight it said there was a tornado warning in Saskatchewan and I instantly thought of you. Hope you aren't near it!

  3. It is too true. I am not sure why it is so hard to get motivated to exercise. I like to go cycling in the morning and yet find it difficult to get my butt on the seat. Once that is accomplished I go for 20 some kms and feel great after and can do so much more and get so much accomplished. I just need the secret to the motivation.

  4. I'm so relieved. I thought that Teamouse was going to talk about her sex life! LOL. You are very right that exercise is invigorating. I always feel better when I do, but that isn't always enough to motivate me. When you find the secret, I hope you will share that.

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