Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Camping Pictures

John Macoun a naturalist spent a lot of time in Pine Cree park as he studied the plant and animal life. He later wrote in his journal that he never saw any more beautiful place than the plateau of Cypress Hills. He loved this spot so much, that he made a sand cave in the side of a hill so that he could spend large amounts of time there.

Here is Oliver taking a walk in the brook! At first he didn't like the icy water on his paws, but he soon got over it and kept wanting back in.

Here is a picture of our tent. We set it up so the entrance opened on to the brook. It was very beautiful, but don't even ask how my hips felt after sleepin up hill....lol!

These steps built into the side of the hill lead up to the sand cave that John Macoun lived in while he studied the wildlife of the area.

This is the cave that he stayed in. I think over the years it has been reinforced. The cave is small about 2 x 2, with a sand floor.

This is the view as you look down from the cave.

A picture of the little brook that winds through the park. The water was ice cold as it comes from an underground spring. Thankfully there were some small foot bridges that we were able to sit on and dangle our feet to cool off. I spent a great part of Saturday with my feet in the creek while I read.

This beautiful view is what you see from up by the hermit cave. It was quite breathtaking, and certainly not anything I have ever seen in Saskatchewan. I can see why John Macoun loved this park and why he spent so much time here.

Some wildflowers

White tailed deer - unfortunatley I was slow getting out of the car and they were spooked as soon as they saw me coming out. They were out for breakfast.

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  1. Wow! Beautiful! Looks peaceful also! Oliver is still adorable!

    Air Force Wife

  2. Great pics!!!!Happy TT:)

  3. How beautiful and peaceful looking. What a great spot.

    The sand cave was interesting, hadn't heard of that before.

  4. Very lovely pictures! Happy TT!

  5. Awesome pictures. I love your dog!

  6. Darlin, those are great! What a fun camping trip you had. I hope Oliver was a good camper. My dogs never were. I'm so glad y'all had a good trip.

  7. lovely place, and great pictures!
    happy TT

  8. Looks very beautiful ! I can imagine that you enjoyed camping there very much !(besides your hips of course, lol)

  9. What great pictures, I bet the camping was so much fun.

  10. awesome pics!

    my TT is up

  11. Beautiful pictures! I'd love to camp there - looks very peaceful. Great TT idea. :)

  12. what a beautiful TT!

    I love the stairs!

  13. Makes me want to rough it.
    Great pics.

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  14. Beautiful photographs. It was fun to go along on your camping trip via this TT.

  15. The photos are great and this was so interesting. Hope the hips are ok now LOL

  16. Yep...I rinse every day with peroxide before i brush my teeth. It WORKS!!