Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Camping Fun

We're going on a camping trip this weekend - I plan on taking my camera as my DH assures me the spot is just perfect for the 'photo bug' in me. Here are some reasons that I am looking forward to camping and things I I am looking forward to in the future.

1. The best part of camping for me has always been the breakfasts. At home DH is the chief bottle cook and washer, but when we're in the great outdoors I take over. I guess cooking on a 2 burner stove with few utensils really appeals to me. I love to cook scrambled eggs, bacon and toast or pancakes. The mornings are so perfect when we camp, and I truly love spending the time around the picnic table cooking and sharing with my family.

2. I love that we're able to 'get away' from it all. The phone that rings constantly, the email messages - the noise of the T.V's blaring and even the constant whir of the AC. When we are in the great outdoors we can actually hear the birds chirping and the bees a buzzing. I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet.

3. Not to sound like a nut or anything, but it's a lot of fun to sleep in a tent under the stars. I like waking up and hearing the birds chirping and see the sun shining through. The air mattress may not compare to my cozy bed, but there is something about snuggling up to keep warm under the starry night!

4. CampFire! I love to gather around the evening camp fire. The kids love to toast marshmallows and sip hot cocoa as we listen to DH play the harmonica or play one of his old radio show collections. Grab a bag of spitz and we can settle in for a long evening of tales and music.

5. This will be our first camping trip with Oliver. I'm curious to see how he enjoys it. He just loves to be outside and it will be fun to see him curious about the new surroundings and sleeping arrangements - not to mention the long car!

6. Walks through the lodge pole pine forest and games of Bocce to waste the time away on a warm summer day.

7. Reading a good book, while I dangle my feet in the creek to cool off.

8. I was checking out RV's as I think in the next few years DH and I want to do some traveling. I found just the perfect one for us. It's not too big and it's also not too cramped. Isn't it sweet?
10. With this, we plan to travel all around Canada and the U.S. If you see us don't be afraid - we're that polite Canadian couple. There are so many places I want to go to visit and this is the baby to take us there - our little home on wheels!

11. Now I have to think of all the great places that are a 'must see' for us. What places in the U.S. do you think are a must for the tourist - is the Grand Canyon a good place? Here's your chance to put in your 2c.

12. I can't think of a better way to get around to see some great cities than take our home away from home with us. I don't think we need to get a huge full size RV as soon it will just be the two of us and Oliver.

13. One of the best things about the whole camping experience is just having the bonding time with the family. Whether it's over the campfire, a game of bocce or taking a hike through the woods. We always come back with such great memories and a little more 'close' having braved the great!

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If I get time I'll update this a bit more - there are some great TT's this week! Keep leaving me comments on where some great 'tourist' locations are in the USA. I'm looking for great places to visit. Is there a great diner that I must try, or some other attraction that makes your town, city special? Please share any of your home town secrets with me.


  1. Good TT, Enjoy your trip.

    BTW, Utah's Monument Valley is even better than the Grand Canyon.

  2. That RV is sweet! Perfect size.
    I have to admit, I am not much of a camper but we did have a trailer when the kids were smaller in the next town over on a pond. It worked out well until we got a bunch of drinkers in. The campgrounds in Nova Scotia are a lot quieter than what we have here in some spots, so I imagine you will have a peaceful weekend.

    It is nice to have the family together camping, I hope you have a great time and that Oliver behaves for you.

  3. I enjoy campfires, and cooking out. I love stories under the stars. But, that's about where it ends for me. Maybe it was the run in with the bear...
    That RV is wonderful. Yellowstone...there's nothing like it. It's like you are on another planet.
    Great list, as usual. Enjoy your family time!

  4. What a fun list!! travelling in an RV sounds fun as well.Its really cute

  5. We used to do camping too each year in Italy where my husband comes from. Now we rent an appartment, but camping is something special and your RV looks really nice !

  6. I wanna goooooooooooo!! I need a vacation:( Happy TT:)

  7. That is a super list. Oliver will get the travel bug as soon as he has had his first camping adventure. I love waking in the morning too and I love making breakfast (okay, any cooking when camping, okay..any cooking period but breakfast when camping, isss wonderful). Camping does draw people closer. Great post.

    I have a TT this week, too

  8. It's been AGES since we've been camping but when I read spitz by the fire, I have to admit I got a twinge of some really great memories. We would buy those huge bags of spitz and sit by the campfire all night long eating those things. And get up in the morning with the inside of our cheeks raw from the salt LOL Great TT list as usual!!

  9. Now that's camping in style!! Sweet. I'll save some s'mores for you -- and you can join us at the lake. Not too far -- just 3 hours south of Chicago!

  10. Have a really great trip. Hope you get better weather than we're predicted here in the UK. If the met office is right we're in for more rain

  11. I am so not a camping person but have a great time!

  12. The Black Hills of South Dakota are nice for camping.

    Happy Thursday, my list is up too.

  13. My favorite part is sitting around the fire as it gets dark (well not that dark here, but you get the idea).

    The only time I'll consume a marshmallow voluntarily.

  14. You are so lucky to have a husband who cooks at home. Mine can cook, but prefers not to.

    You make camping sound so wonderful. We used to go at least 2-3 times each summer before we had kids. We took our camper twice with the kids, but it was so stressful. It rained and we were stuck in a 22-foot camper, with kids, the entire weekend. I was ready to hitch up and head home within 8 hours.

    We sold the camper and are thinking of getting a pop-up. Much easier to store during the winter. The RV in your post looks great for the three of you. That will be so much fun taking off and seeing both countries. Hopefully the gas prices come down. I doubt it. They know we will pay it at $3.20, so why lower it right?

    It's Saturday, so you must be waking up to the birds chirping right now. Sorry I'm so slow commenting. Thanks for the link to my TT post. I appreciate it.

  15. My husband and his family are serious campers. Last time we camped with them was about 10 years ago. I was the one running off to the bathroom with a blow dryer and makeup in the early morning. ;)

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