Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why Camp

Well, I now know that I must be certifiable! I've let the DH purchase a new tent. After all the howling and screaming of NEVER EVER camping again!

Why then am I considering camping again? Why am I willing to leave the comforts of my delightful AC to head out to the hot outdoors to sleep on an air mattress while wearing two pairs of sweats so I don't freeze?

We've had some pretty horrible camping trips. There were the times when we had to sit in a pup tent for two days while it did nothing but pour outside. Then there were the trips where the storms scared me so bad that DH was packing up the tent in the pouring rain(yes he is a gem)!

To the trip a couple of years ago when we had a great weekend until the storm hit. Our trip was going perfectly, we had all the right supplies. We had even purchased a screened tent house to get away from the bugs. I was drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated and then we had that perfect day. The sun was shining it was hot and great beach weather. Then the storm rolled in and for the first time camping I had my cell phone with me. So what do I do you ask? Well I called the weather line to see what was happening all to be met with shocked horror to hear that there was a tornado watch for the area. We scrambled for safety into the safety of the service centre. There we huddled in safety while other 'seasoned' campers came in and out to have their night time showers.

Well even though we've had some 'bad' experiences we've also had some great times. The first time DH took our little family on a camping trip I don't know if he knew what he was in for with a city girl like me. He dealt with my phobias like a pro all while giving our 3yo the best camping trip of his life!

So sure I can sit and snuggle up all cool and cozy in my house, but to get the best 'summer' experience I have to break out of myself a bit and go into the great outdoors.

This year we'll try out our new tent - see the front screened porch, this is so I have somewhere to hide from the pesky hornets and other biting pests. Our first trip will be in a few weeks with just DH and I and our DS. It will almost be like that first trip, just us 3 amigos. They tell me they have the perfect spot that is very relaxing and peaceful by a little stream.

We'll pack our camping food and I'll get to wake up bright and early and do camp eggs and bacon - the best breakfast ever! Nothing beats campfire and campfire food. We'll pack our decks of cards and even our mp3 players and a good book. If this trip goes good, we'll have to do more when DD gets back from her visit with Gramma. It will be a nice way to spend some quality time with the kids as they are growing up fast. I am pleased to no end that DS still wants to camp with us!


  1. It's like labor and delivery, you forget all about the pain given enough time in between :)

    I like camping too, but we will have to wait a few years before we do it with the kids. They are afraid of their own shadows.

    I've spent many a night freezing in dome tents too. Darn weather. I've even had to sleep in an inch of water. Not fun.

    Hope you have fun this time.

  2. I guess it must be fun since so many do it...lol. I would be with you in the screened area. Good luck!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful post. We have camped and experienced many a storm and unknowingly a tornado not an hour drive from us. I read years ago, that a family that camps together is very close, that the experiences, good and bad draw them together with memories of fighting nature together and surviving to relive the fight. This obviously has happened with your family. Your husband sounds like a gem and it seems you son is a man after his heart too. Congratulations on getting a new tent. I hope you have a good summer of camping.