Sunday, August 12, 2007

Circuit Training - Yowch!

Do you ever scoff at something and then later really regret it? Well I had the brilliant idea to do this recently. I had signed up to get a workout and meal plan emailed to me daily. I was sent a workout that contains 4 days of Circuit Training and 1 day of any Cardio and two days off.

Well I saw the days exercises and thought - BWAH....that won't be a workout! Yes I actually scoffed! Somewhere the exercising God's smited me - just know it!

Let me tell you, I am no longer scoffing at the power of Circuit Training. I've got muscles hurting that I didn't even know that I had. I have to get the courage to do this again today and tomorrow before I have my first 'rest' day.

Also, did you know jumping rope isn't as easy as it was when you were a kid? It's true! Well at least for me and DH. By the last circuit set I had to run in place rather than attempt to jump rope. I am hoping this will soon improve and I will be a jump rope!

Don't believe me? Get out your child's rope or take a piece from the garage and give it a go - see how long you can jump for.

My newest little treat is the light Jell-O - for when I am craving something sweet, what tips do you have for healthy snacking?


  1. I believe you. I got a rope a year or so ago and thought I would use it to skip. I tried that once or twice, and thought it would be better used to hang myself. I kid, but it is much more difficult when you are older and for me, heavier. I will stick to cycling, less impact. Good for you, doing the circuit training.

  2. I too like Sugar-Free Jello for a snack, or Sugar-Free pudding:-)

    I hope you had a good vacation, you were surely missed. I think I was in Tea Time withdrawal;)

  3. You are back! I am slow! Hope your holiday was great. Jump rop? I can't do it because of arthritis, but I can hop on my mini-trampoline...if I would.