Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Deep Thought

As you know I have a very busy office week so my posts will be rather brief. I heard about this through the radio this morning and I thought I'd share the video with you. It speaks for itself

This is kinda like a minor traffic accident. You know you should not be slowing down to look at it but for some dumb reason...you do.
Check out this video of a Miss Teen USA contestant answering a very "deep" question. **sigh**


  1. Oh my. You're so right -- shouldn't watch it -- but oh my. I feel really bad for her.

  2. Sooo, I think that watching this is,soo hard to do, soo it's hard b/c not everyone has a computer, soo I think she should have spent more time in school, then on her hair.

    Well at least she didn't use the word like as every other word. Just plain sad.

  3. I heard she later had an opportunity to have a re-do on the Today show.

    Apparently she was very, very nervous and she says that is why she flubbed up so bad.

    Anyway she is quite embarassed.

  4. There must be a tremendous amount of pressure, causing nervousness. It is so hard to think on the fly anytime, let alone when one is nervous. It is apparent that she was nervous, and sadly will be embarrassed by this for a very long time, because is it out there on the net. Poor girl, too bad she didn't expose herself to more public speaking or something. Who knows how one would respond in a similar situation. It is a tough question to answer also. With lots of time to think about it, I am not sure of the answer either.