Monday, August 13, 2007

Domesticated Goddess, me?

Well I am into my second week of holidays and we have no actual plans.

So what does TeaMouse do in this case - I get domesticated and this is where I wonder what life would be like if I didn't have to work to pay the!

Today is grocery shopping with the DH. I get to do this once a year as DH is the sole grocery store shopper. It wasn't always this way but DH and I take advantage of Sobeys 10% days and these fall on a Tuesday, and with me working all day he is the only one who can sneak out of the office to do the shopping. So it will be an interesting experience for me as I don't know the 'routine' and I'll probably put all the wrong things in the cart just to mess with his!

When we get home from grocery shopping I think I'm going to treat the family with their yearly homemade yeast donuts. These are a lot of work and take a good portion of the day, but they are soooooo worth it. My mouth waters just thinking of it.

Then I'll probably check out our wasp situation. No, we don't seem to have a nest anywhere in our yard but we have a ton of wasps. I suspect someone nearby has a nest. I bought one of the Raid wasp traps and they do work exceptionally well, but they are expensive. We looked online and found a pattern to make your own using a pop bottle and some flat pop - it works great! The best part is you can re-use the pop bottle. In just two days we've collected something like 20'ish! It's kind of annoying as anytime we go outside we can't really enjoy it for their quite persistent at buzzing around everyone.

Then on to some relaxation. I am working on the Einstein sweater in a cornflower blue for myself.....this is the first thing that I've made for myself besides a scarf or a dickie. I'm very excited and hope to have it ready by fall. I also want to do a few more squares for Love to Share.

Gee, I could really get used to this lifestyle - if only I won the lottery....*sigh*. The only negative has been my dreams. Lately my dreams have been invaded by work people...I guess I still have work on the brain.

I'll post pics of my donuts on Wednesday!


  1. Enjoy this week---at times it is nice to just relax around home.

    Now about those yeast donuts is there a way to cyber me one? :)

  2. I'd love to send you one - it might be a little stale though by the time you get it.

    I've tried to visit your blog, but it seems to be a private one, otherwise I'd stop by to say hello.

  3. The donuts sound good. I do the shopping for us and my hubby has to check things out. I grab the already investigated product, and he keeps pointing out other things, then says something like "oh they're more money" or "they don't have such and such". I try to be patient because if I tell him, he has to check for himself. I just usually walk away and he catches up and misses two isles of possible purchases.

  4. I can hear Homer Simpson saying, "mmmm donuts!" I wouldn't even be able to use a wasp trap. Ick. Hope it works for you!

  5. How is it going being the Domestic Goddess? Will you share your recipe and techniques with us for the doughnuts? Sounds delicious.

  6. That pop bottle thing sounds cool. Is it decreasing the population so the sound dies down (No pun intended)