Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reasons You Should Enter my Knitted Give-A-Way

If you've visited here before you may know that I've done a Knitted Give-A-Way Contest. I had so much fun with it that I am doing it again. So I present:

13 Reasons to Enter my Knitted Give-A-Way

1. Knitted dishcloths are so durable, you'll never want to use a store bought one again. You'll soon wonder how you ever lived without them.

2. They come in a rainbow of colours.

3. They'll be knitted up in various patterns - I may even try out a new pattern just for a challenge.

4. Knitting provides a great stress release for me, you don't want to see me stressed do you?
5. I love to knit and I'd love to knit these just for you!

6. It's a fun way to meet more bloggers - you can pop by and see the other entrants and say 'hello'.
7. I have a ton of dishcloth cotton and my DH is getting tired yarn falling all over the place when he opens the closet door. It's true, I've seen him give me the evil eye...honest!

8. If I'm busy eating, I can't snack on chips etc. and in theory help me in losing a few pounds.
9. Knitting in the car helps to control my road rage and these dishcloths are the perfect project for my daily commute.

10. If you win the give-a-way you can brag to all your friends, both bloggers and non-bloggers. Official contest winner bragging rights are a bonus.

11. If you haven't learnt to knit, these might give you the incentive to take up knitting yourself.

12. I knit to reduce stress - you don't want me stressed out, do you?

13. It doesn't matter if you're single, married a bachelor this contest is open for everyone. If you don't need dishcloths, let me tell you that they make great gifts. Whenever my kids give them as gifts the recipient is very thankful. Anyone would be glad to have them as a gift. They're great shower presents. My brother-in-law puts a special request in each year at Christmas for them. So they must be good.

Are you still here? What are you waiting for - go and get yourself entered for these super cool handmade cloths!

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  1. You have a fun typo are eating and knitting that closely related?:>

  2. Great List of reasons why! I can add this to my Thursday Edition of Contests Galore too for you to get you some visitors.

    Mine is up at: 13 Bloomers

  3. Great list.

    my very first 13 is up !

  4. I entered and I hope I win:) Happy TT my friend. No, we wouldnt want you to get stressed out....KEEP KNITTING!!

  5. So when you are done with those balls of cotton yarn, do you want some of mine??
    LOL, I have you posted in my side bar.

  6. That is a great list, but I am concerned about you knitting while driving:-0. Glad it reduces the road rage however.