Monday, September 10, 2007

Dear Abby

Shelly at This Eclectic Life is doing a Dear Abby you have a good Dear Abby post in you? Go here to check it out, make sure to tell Shelly I sent you over.

Here is my brilliant entry - how can you tell it's late on a Monday! If you can do better make sure to enter and leave me a comment so I can come and have a good laugh!

Dear Abby,

I have two wretched step sisters and an evil step-mom. I
have to help them with their beauty regime, including much waxing!
I won a ticket to the MTV video awards! I'd love to go, but I have nothing to wear and Prince will be there.

What should I do?

All Plucked Out


  1. LOL- This is great.

    Watch out for pumpkins.

  2. I love it. Y'all are making Abby crazy! Thank you for entering...Abby will answer you soon.

  3. Very good -- brilliant.

  4. Dear Plucked,
    Stop whining and hoping for a fairy godmother to come and save you. That only happens in stories. These days, in fashion, anything goes. If Prince isn't charmed by your inner beauty, then he's a heel and you should give him the boot. Only a ninny waits around to be saved. That may seem harsh, but if the shoe fits---wear it.

    Dear Abby

  5. That is very good and funny. I love Shelly's answer as well, it is so full of puns.