Monday, September 24, 2007

Drooling Across the Border

I am so drooling, sorry if your monitor is wet, can't help it - I know there are items we have here in Canada that aren't available in the U.S. I grin every time I partake of some delicious Hickory Sticks or having a bowl of my President's Choice White Cheddar macaroni...mmmmmmmm goood or some delicious Clodhoppers(trust me they are the best)!

Then today I was reading at a blog titled Half of Me she has been on an amazing weight loss journey today she mentioned one of her favorite things about the's Jell-O pumpkin pudding. Ok now this is it - you get delicious pumpkin pudding - egads!

Now I'm left wondering what other delicious treats you are holding out on - can we just blur the border for a bit so a meek little TeaMouse can hop over and purchase some tasty treats? Hmmmm, pretty please, with some Canadian Back Bacon on top!

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