Monday, September 10, 2007

Five Best Night's Meme

JennyMcB from J's Thoughts and Musings tagged me with a new meme and I needed a bit of fodder to help jump start my week so here goes:

The rules:
List the 5 best nights
that you can recall and then
tag four other people
and see if the meme can continue.

1. The night I met my DH. It was literally love at first sight - well mostly, as we fell in love very quickly. If you want to read more about our meeting check out this post.

2. It was 18 years ago on a warm May evening at 7:00 p.m. when I said I do to the wonderful man I fell in love with so quickly. It had rained every day for a week prior to our wedding day. That day we woke up to a bright sunny day and our wedding was perfect. The evening couldn't have been more wonderful!

3. When I was pregnant with my DS he tried to come early around 7mos or so. I spent many nights in the hospital on an IV to stop premature labor. Then one morning I got up with DH and had my morning shower. I was drying off when I noticed my leg was still wet - my water broke. I was 8 mos pregnant at that time. We scooted off to the hospital - it was a long weekend and then nothing happened. I was just lying around doing nothing. Finally at around 10pm they settled me in a room in mom ward and sent my DH home for some much needed sleep. I was to be induced the next morning. I was terrified of being induced and I no sooner got settled in my bed that I began to have contractions. They called my DH who had just fallen asleep and told him to come down, but no rush. That was at about 11pm and my DS was born just after 2am all 5lbs 8oz of him. I'm happy to say today he's huge and his dad jokingly calls him the Mutant Giant. Today my Mutant Giant is 18 and he's off for his drivers road test...*wishing him good luck*!

4. When my DD signed up for school band in Grade 6, I thought like most parents - how long will this last. I'll never forget sitting for her first performance a couple months after school started and hearing/watching her play her flute! I have always been amazed at how quickly she picked it up. Unfortunately she didn't want to be forever tagged as a band geek and she stopped playing this year when she started high school.

5. Our DS graduated from high school this past June and it was such an emotional time. Watching him graduate I was flooded with all the memories - the day he was born, family time when he was small, kindergarten and all the special times along the way. I couldn't have been any more proud! I was so glad that I wasn't the only mom who was moved to tears. Now he may be going into the Navy - that will be huge for me if he does, but I think it will be amazing for him and he'll turn out to be quite the young man. I'm always proud of him he's never been a follower and because of this he has been content to spend a Friday night alone with his video games because he didn't want to get drunk like some of his friends.....what a sweetie!

My DD was born in the afternoon, so it didn't qualify for this meme, but the day was my 3rd special one of all time.

Now I get to tag 4 more people, this is tricky as there are some who I know don't do meme's. If I tag you and you don't want to participate just let me know. If you do the meme just leave a comment and I'll pop by and visit!

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  1. Those are some wonderful nights. I must say, I couldn't think of 5 nights, so will disappoint you in not doing this meme. I don't do meme's but I do like reading them. One day, I may find one that I really want to do, but for as many times as I have been tagged, the urge has not hit me.

  2. I do remember reading your post of how you met your husband, it's a great love story.

    Isn't it amazing to look at our huge kids and to remember their births as if it was only yesterday?

  3. It`s ok Dawn - I never know who does meme`s these days anyway.....:)!

  4. I obviously do memes (way too many), so I will get on this one shortly. This is actually a hard one and I will have to give it some thought. I think five worst nights might have been easier. Am I bad or what?

  5. Hey for YOU I will do this one :o) No promises as to when, but I will do it. I have lots of great night time memories!