Friday, September 14, 2007

Frogging and More

I've been trying to keep busy - I do have the kids at home, but teenagers have their own things to do to occupy their time. My son called yesterday morning and asked me to come home at lunch for no other reason than he missed me *awwww* that was nice! He works at 5 most nights so I generally don't see him until he gets home from work.

I have done some knitting for my secret pal for the Autumn Dishcloth Swap - I was working on it the other night and then DH called and I got so distracted I forgot what row I was on. I took a guess, and yes it was wrong - so I frogged it out. Thankfully I had only done about 3 rows of the pattern. It's a bit of a lace pattern so it requires me to pay attention. Last night I was working on it after frogging it and I finally had to put it down as I was getting sleepy and starting to almost make mistakes....yikes!

I recently did this pattern that is on the Bernat and Lily labels - the Tulip and Bud cloth - talk about changes - this one had me doing a double take at the pattern - maybe I need to have them typed out in a super giant font. I got through it with no problems, thankfully - but it requires so much attention that this is only the third time I've made it, too bad it turns out so nice.Tonight we have my niece coming for a sleep over, that will keep the DD out of trouble and occupied and having extra people will help the time to pass. It's odd not having DH around - we do so much together that I feel weird when he's not home like this. Yesterday I took Oliver for a nice long walk and I don't know if it was the grey dreary day or what but I just didn't enjoy it at all.

Well I'll do more knitting tonight and maybe I'll start posting pics of my dishcloths and projects more!

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  1. That is a pretty dishcloth. So far, I have noticed only small changes in my eyesight. I was already closing in on blind, but I notice small writing hard to read when I am wearing my contacts. Glad you are finding some things to do when your hubby is away.