Tuesday, September 25, 2007

General Ramblings of a Mad Woman

Caution - reading the following post may cause you to shake your head and go WHAT THE!

-Why is it that no one in the house except for me knows how to put the roll of toilet paper on the holder?

-Why do the kids always leave their clothes, towels and other junk piled on the bathroom floor?

-Having a teenage daughter in the house causing enough stress to make me cry every other day - why is that fair? I hope I'm not alone in this.

-I'm willing to do strenuous exercises to lose weight, but I'm still eating blue chips and salsa once a week......why?

-Why did I rake my leaves on Saturday - I now have a whole new pile to rake again!

-Why didn't I just finish reading the latest book I borrowed (6 Rainier Dr.), now the new one is in and for a 2 week loan only. I'm going to have to buy them now - I can't read 2 books in two weeks.

-Why is it no matter what time I wake up in the morning I am always rushed when it comes time to leave the house?

-Why do I allow how others see me to make a difference - it's only their opinion!

-Why does fear have such a stronghold on people?

-How do they make variegated yarn? Seriously, I want to know!

-Why is it that I can hardly get to my regular blogs lately? This is one thing I hate about fall.

-Why haven't I done any Christmas shopping?

-Why do I choose to make more projects than I keep up with - bake more than I need for Christmas, make the complicated dishes for Thanksgiving - do I like to torture myself?

-Why are donuts so appealing to me?

-Can an old cat and a new dog ever learn to like each other?

Gee, what a random list - just a bunch of things in my head on a Tuesday morning in September!


  1. Funny!! Do you live in my house?

  2. That's really how crazy our life is isn't it? Absolutely hilarious list! I love your brain. ;o)

  3. Yeah, I thought my life would slow down with the boys back in school. HA! sob...

  4. Your list was terrific and so many hit close to home. :-)

  5. I really relate to your list. Especially the part about willing to do hard exercise but still eating the fattening stuff - and oh the donuts!