Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Friday!

Well I made it through my 'birthday lunch' - (thanks for all the early birthday cheers)! My lovely boss made sure that the lovely folks at Montana's knew it was my birthday - so I was totally humiliated as I wore the big hat with horns and had happy birthday sang to me...all this and I got a lousy baby dish of vanilla ice cream(1 tbsp) and reddi whip and some cookie crumbs. Oh well, it sure made the staff happy to see me with that goofy hat on!

In brighter news I ordered a bed ensemble from Sears and I finally got it on my bed yesterday. Our bedroom walls are blue and I didn't want all blue so when we hung curtains to close our open closet, I used bright green panels with big silver grommets - I pulled it together with a memory board in a similar green. I have been searching for an comforter that would match and I was browsing a sale flyer and there it was 'the perfect green bed ensemble' - the whole shebang for $99 smackeroos! Of course I had decided to order it.

Had a lovely lunch with my DH - we went to Subway as I've got some coupons. I was thrilled to find out that you can get their 6" subs as a healthy! I even chose one of their non-fat dressings. It was very tasty. We went to the park and enjoyed the beautiful 20C balmy weather. I would have liked to sit there all afternoon and knit as I watched the ducks bobbing around in the lake - but alas I had to come back to work.

I was crazy busy yesterday so I just got around to visiting all my TT comments, I've got to spend some more time visiting some of you new people, there are some great blogs to add to my hobby addiction. Have a great weekend!


  1. Melissa,
    Your bedroom looks lovely - very cozy and bright. Nice choice.

  2. Sounds like a nice day even with the humilation of Montana's LOL LOVE your new bedding! You have great taste.

  3. That is a great bed set. I like the colour. Glad you had a good birthday celebration with work. I don't know if you have Tony Roma's there, but they have a birthday club where you buy one meal and get a second free. We go for our birthdays and it is more reasonable than going without the birthday coupon. You probably still have time to sign up before your birthday.