Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #25 - My Birthday!

It's not my birthday - not at all, in fact my birthday will be here again in just 3 months. Why then are we talking about my birthday? Well at my office we have a policy of treating each of the staff to lunch on their birthday. Life happened there have been illnesses and other conflicts that have prevented us from celebrating my December birthday until now. With a birthday near to Christmas things happen. So today I am finally going out for my much belated birthday lunch. To celebrate, here are some interesting trivia bits about my birthdays in the past.

1. I was supposed to be born at the end of November. I guess I wasn't ready, I waited a full 3 weeks later(and no my mom wasn't impressed, every day she went late people would say oh you're still pregnant)! When the time came for me to be born, I came in a flash - the head nurse had to deliver me, the doctor who lived right across the street from the hospital couldn't make it there in time.

2. When I was six my mom baked quarters and dimes into my cake. I was so excited to get one of those shiny pieces of tinfoil - I never did get a piece and boy was I mad! Later mom explained she had done that on purpose as I was already getting gifts - but at six I was horrified by the experience.

3. One of my birthday parties was a tobogganing party - it started blizzarding and only two of my friends could come due to Christmas holidays.

4. My DH surprised me one year with a birthday party. We had asked people over for cake and everyone had other plans. I completly fell for it and I was pouting like a little kid - he sent me to the store for cream for coffee and when I got back the house was filled with our family. I was so surprised!

5. I remember getting a nightgown that had a glow in the dark picture on it. I had to run and try it on and all my friends had to pile into the bathroom to see it. That was the coolest nightgown ever. A few years ago my mom bought me one in the Arctic with a polar bear on front and it glows - I love that!

6. My mom once made the mistake of buying me the most beautiful Christmas themed birthday cake ever. Looking back on it now, I can see how wonderful it was - but as a child I was pretty cheesed off at my birthday having anything to do with Christmas. This included wrapping paper etc. I no longer care about it and I generally use it for my DH's if that is all we have around.

7. Each year we decorate the church for Christmas and it always falls on my birthday - one year after the decorating we had a bit of Christmas cheer and one of the ladies on the committee made me a cake.....I was so embarassed at them fussing about it all - but it was nice.

8. I didn't go out for an evening for my birthday until 2 years ago. Every other year we've either had family over or we've been busy at the church or broke. It was quite a treat to go to dinner and a movie on my birthday.

9. I like simple things for my birthday - things to pamper myself like bubble baths, pj's a good book etc.

10. I never made a huge deal out of my birthday until I met my DH. They always had family over and celebrated with cake. I was so surprised the first time I went there for a birthday. They know how to celebrate!

11. When I was ten that was a big birthday. Everyone kept saying 'now you're in the double digits'. My granny made me a cake and for my birthday I got a record of K-Tel stories. I loved listening to all of them especially Rumplestiltskin(is that how you spell it)?

12. I learned to crochet the year my mom bought me a basket filled with yarn and a crochet hook for my 22nd birthday. We sat there and before long she had me working on a granny square.

13. I had an allergic reaction to the soap they used so with my red patchy skin and my shocking red hair I was brought to my mom with a red bow in my hair and I was in a Christmas stocking. She always loves telling me this story.

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  1. Happy early birthday! Great T13!

  2. What wonderful memories of your birthday:) You must be a Sagittarius then??I know alot of great ones:) My birthday is at the beginning of wonder we get along so well!! A glow in the dark nightgown? How totally cool....Happy TT!!

  3. that's soo freaking cute!!! what a cool TT idea!!!!

    Mine's up, 13 things about my job interview on thursday!

  4. Happy Early Birthday!

    Mine was last Sunday! :)

  5. I was born at the end of November, so that makes me a Sagittarian. I can see why at age 6 you'd have been horrified at getting no coins in the cake!

  6. What a wonderful walk down memory lane for you while doing this post. I loved it. Have a great TT. :)

  7. Happy early birthday and interesting fun list! What a good memory you have!

  8. I love birthday's! And I'm looking forward for my birthday too 3 months from now:)

    Nice lists! Happy TT!

  9. love your list. wish i could do granny squares. i can only do the basic crochet stuff. lol. :-) happy TT!

  10. Happy Birthday! What a fun TT!
    I enjoyed reading all your b'day memories. Hope this one is memorable (in a good way!) too :)

  11. Happy Birthday to You.....

    Great T13!

    Mine is up on

    Working At Home Mom

  12. My daughter was brought to me in a Christmas stocking too...I had her Christmas day...I sent the stocking to her grandmother who wasn't there...she still has it 33 years later.
    Thanks for the memories.

  13. My Hubby's birthday is Christmas Eve and he has been cheated over the years too. I always try to do something special for him. Happy Birthday Early to you!!

  14. Yeah, I was three weeks late too and my mom still hasn't let me live that down (you think after 44 years she would just let it go). I held out past Xmas though, till the third day in Jan. Which means I always have to go back to work after the holidays on my bday. Enjoy your lunch!

  15. I love #4. That's so sweet. I wish my husband would do that for me (or anyone for that matter).

    I never had a glow-in-the-dark nightgown, but I did have glow-in-the-dark underwear. Those were quite comical.

  16. What a great list; I really love those sweet memories. My husband's birthday is right near Christmas. It's a tough one to celebrate and make special, but I certainly try.

  17. Mine is up at:

    What a great birthday list! Your MIL is going to LOVE that scarf!!!

    I have a giveaway up that ends Sept 30 and I posted my Oct one early, so it is up too. Have a great week:-)


  18. How sweet with the stocking! I guess it would be a bummer to born near Christmas. Great memories.

  19. Perfectly delightful list of your birthday past. I remember getting quarters in my birthday cake. My mom always slid a toothpick where no one could see it but her. That slice was always cut first and given to the birthday person. My sister got silver dollars.

  20. I really loved this post and tried to leave you a comment earlier. Let's see what happens this time! I came back because I LOVE your Share a Square button and would really appreciate the HTML code. Thanks for your consideration! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~ titus2fam(at)yahoo

  21. That is a great TT. I think I will do something like that for my birthday in six or so months. I didn't visit anyone for TT until after the fact. It happens sometimes.