Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Home Alone

So my DH has to be away for a few nights. I have to say I've never been home alone in all our married life...all 18 years of it. It is a new experience for me. I've had to go away and he's been at home, but I've never been the one at home. Here are 13 things that I will do to pass the time.

1. Movies, movies and more movies. The few times I've had to leave town my DH went to the video store and rented all the gorey movies he knows I have no desire to watch. So it's going to be girl movie time. Any suggestions of great chick flicks?

2. I'll con my mom into playing Hardwood Hearts with me online. We'll have a ton of fun and I'll laugh as she takes cards very seriously and gets aggravated easily, good times!

3. I am not sure yet if Oliver will be able to sleep in the 'big people' bed, but even if he doesn't we'll have lot's of snuggle and walk time.

4. I'll be doing my Jillian Michael's exercises alone - hopefully I don't get stuck in some weird position for if I do surely the kids will just laugh and leave me there.

5. Knit! I am still working on my Einstein sweater and a dishcloth for my Fall Into Autumn DishCloth Swap. I'm having a ton of fun working on that cloth. I still want to make one more to send to Mommy of Three, who won my last give-a-way contest.

6. Shop, yes indeed! I need to do some shopping for my secret Pal. I have some good ideas in mind and I want to take the time to put together a nice surprise for her.

7. Sleep, I'm going to seriously HOG the bed. I may even sleep! Pass the blankets and extra pillows.

8. Watch the finale of BigBrother 8. I have huge issues on this years show and some horrifying things I've heard about one of the contestants and what he has put the others through. I'm sure glad I'm not on a reality t.v. show. I had always wanted to be on Big Brother, but alas it's an American second choice but should be my first is the Amazing Race - now that is a show.

9. Bubble baths and girl time - manicure's and pedicure's the works, time to pamper myself.

10. I'm really going to try not to do this one, but drown my sorrows in ice cream! When I get stressed out I eat and that isn't a good thing as I have a weight loss goal to get to. If I do indulge it would have to be Nestle Real Dairy French Vanilla.....drool!

11. Crochet on my DS's afghan. I am making him a rippled afghan and I'm about 1/4 of the way there so I can take some of this alone time to get some major progress made on it.

12. Call my sister and set up a coffee date - getting out of the house will make me forget that DH is away. What a suck - yeah I know, but what can I say we're very, very close.

13. Clean the house - ok, that wasn't even funny who took over my keyboard. Ohhhhhh the mouse is looking a little shifty. Well I may do some but, come on let's be reasonable this is alone time we're talking about here.

Leave me a comment and I'll come by and comment on your TT!

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  1. My husband used to travel a lot in his previous job, I am all over the #7 and the bed!

    You forgot bagels for supper, no need to prepare meals. I like your idea of movies, wish I could recommend some, but I haven't had that Chick Flick opportunity in awhile.

  2. That sounds like a lot of great things to do. Sirdar worked out of town for about 7 years when the kids were little. It wasn't so bad sometimes, since they went to bed at 7 or 8, I had the whole evening to myself, and when he got home, we spent quality time together. My TT will be up tomorrow.

  3. enjoy the time and relax!!!!

    Nice TT!

    Visit me at:

  4. Holy moly it's easier for me to count the days we're together. lol

  5. Don't overplan what you are going to do! The sleeping, watching television, cuddling with Oliver and pampering yourself could take all of your time! Enjoy the quiet.

  6. Enjoy the movies! I want to take part in The Amazing Race too.

  7. The best part is being able to cook what you like and eat when you feel like it. But sleeping diagonally is good too!

  8. As someone whose husband has worked out of town for 20 years I have to say I am smiling here :o) But I sure understand if you're not used to it. Sometimes I think I'm still not used to it even after this many years. But MMMMmm it all sounds like a full and glorious time your planning for yourself!

  9. I love having the whole bed to myself. I got very spoiled when I was working third shift and I didn't have to share the bed. Enjoy the alone time and pamper yourself and bit :)

  10. I love my husband dearly, but I enjoy occasional alone time. I just don't like it when it's too often or goes on for too long.

    Hope your time on your own passes easily and well.

  11. Sounds like you have plenty planned but do enjoy hogging all the pillows and blankets.

  12. Great post!!

    my 13 is up

  13. The husband and I are actually planning to apply for The Amazing Race!

  14. Great TT. I was wit you until the mouse took over the keyboard.

  15. Will you truly be alone or are your kids going be thru the house naked!! Happy TT my friend.

  16. Great list! I too LOVE BB8 and will be watching the finale tonight, but I don't really want any of the remaining people to win:( I am ready for the Amazing Race, but I heard it won't be on until January. Enjoy the bed tonight, it is nice to be able to stretch out every now and then!

  17. I'm feeling so jealous. I hope you enjoy the time to yourself.

  18. It's strange, we work different shifts, so I'm nearly always alone when I'm sleeping and that's fine and normal. But when I'm alone because he's gone for a weekend my body reacts completely different and it's harder to sleep.

    Something about knowing he's not just at work messes me up. Weird the way we respond in long term relationships, huh?

    Great list.


  19. home alone. can be nice. but sometimes I am tired of being alone every night. I miss my Tattoo Boyfriend.

    But - things I love to do when home alone after a period of time here with people...touch all my yarn while the kittehs climb all over me.