Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - DS's afghan my WIP

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  1. Love the afghan! I've just started crocheting and the only thing I've made so far is scarves. I'm on number 9! Christmas presents. lol

  2. Oh Tea, that is going to be gorgeous!!!

  3. wonderful creation!

  4. Those are beautiful colors...I hope you show us when its done:) Happy WW my friend.

  5. Just popped over from the Ripple along to check out your blog. I'm fairly new to all of this so am always trying to visit blogs of any one posting there. To my surprise your already in my favorites I've been trying to read periodically. I met Shelly at "This Eclectic Life" and had found you through her. I've already made her one batch of Grannies and am slowly working at more between other projects.
    Your new ripple is going to be very pretty. Nice color combination. I'm a quilter along with my new found passion, crochet,
    so I enjoy picking colors, and mixing and matching whether it's yarn or fabric. I also love that granny under the ripple. Really neat mix of patterning with the solids and varigateds.
    Lastly, cute kitty. My cat at home(Cotton) is always in the middle of everything I'm doing. He need to be close. Looks like yours is a big helper, too. At our business we've got 5 cats inside, that we took in as strays. One is a big yellow one about the color of yours, named Jake. He is so cool. And is always in the middle of someones desk helping with work and begging for pets. Cats are so fun. I love dogs as much but don't have one right now. Lost my Brown (a chocolate lab) about a year ago to cancer and haven't wanted to go get another just yet.
    I'll look forward to seeing your ripple grow.

  6. I love the colors. Ripples rock. Happy WW

  7. Yummy! Love it. Mine's up as well.

  8. My mom makes those afghans! Love the colors!