Monday, October 01, 2007

Yarn Ho!

I bought some really cool yarn today after visiting a LYS that I have never been to before. The yarn in there made me drool - there was some deicious silks, soys and bamboo sock yarn.

I was still too afraid to buy sock yarn especially at 11.99/ball when I'm not sure if I can do it. I still have some sock yarn here I bought before from Bernat, but I did buy some bamboo dpn's. I am hoping they are less slippery to work with as I attempt socks(probably not until after Christmas).

This Hacho yarn is hand dyed from Peru and a portion of the money from each sale goes to maintaining a school for the employees children. I love stumbling into Fair Trade items.
I think this lovely yarn is going to be a pair of PocketBook Slippers for myself *smile*! I'd love to buy the 9 balls needed to make myself the Ripple Shawl. There were some glorious colours. It feels so luxurious. I have never bought yarn in a Hank before so I'll have fun trying to roll this into a ball - oh the problems that I adore :)!

I've seen hanks of yarn at such wonderful quality they were 77.95/50g hank....egads! The problem I had was that a lot of the yarn there isn't labeled the same way say LionBrand would be with the grams and yardage and needle size suggestions. I'd have to speak to the owner, who wasn't in yesterday. I was also hoping I could sign up for a knitting class(I want to take on on socks), but they've done that class this year already and the next class is for mitts. When I did attempt socks I did eventually cast on and start knitting the cuff(with the help of some internet tutorials) but I could see a mistake early on and then I read ahead in the pattern....yep I know a bad idea. I then got terrified and stuffed it in my wool basket and I haven't picked it up since, but soon I will be brave and try again.


  1. Thanks for the link to the slippers - I have been thinking about trying some and now I've got the pattern - very cute. BTW I understand the sock dilemma. I too am afraid even though a very sweet sister sent me yarn and needles for my birthday last year. Once she learns how I guess she can tell me how to do it!

  2. Oh you two are soooo funny! She can do socks she just over thinks things too much. I can't wait to get me a pair of hand-made socks for my toes! ;o)

  3. I am not at all knowledgeable about yarn. I know there is Sirdar Yarn. I think it is great that you can knit all that stuff and that you get really excited in a yarn store. I used to get excited going into a tole painting shop looking for pattern books and paints and accessories, so I know what that feeling is like.

  4. Have you tried felting yet? I saw some really cool patterns through the Paton newsletter that I get.

    I haven't made socks yet either, but people at work do.

    I know what you mean about drooling over yarn, I love yarn and beads, the colors, the textures, oh my! Wouldn't that be the best job ever? To work in a craft store.

  5. One day I'm going to make the jump and buy the good stuff too...I am such a chicken though!