Friday, September 21, 2007

You Be the Judge

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Shelly at This Eclectic Life had a 'Dear Abby' writing contest - of course I had to enter and I am excited to be one of the people who made her 'Top Ten'! I have to say I got so much enjoyment from reading the other entries and Shelly's responses. Shelly and her spousal unit(her words) are very witty.

Do you need a good laugh - pop on over and read her 'Top Ten' and while you're there you can vote for whichever one you think should win - now I am not about to bribe ask you to vote for me - pick which one you think is the funniest, if you think that's me then give me a vote but there are so many good entries to choose from it will be hard to decide. You can vote every day, once a day from now until next Wednesday. If you do pop over let Shelly know that I sent you over.


  1. I just voted. You're doing well in the poll. Good luck.

  2. You want that purse/necklace, don't ya! If you don't win, I'll probably have to send you sumpn, anyway. ♥