Friday, October 05, 2007

The '5 Me' Meme

I've been tagged by Single Parents Unite to share 5 things about myself that I have never shared before. Indeed just as it was tough for Lori to do this it is equally as hard for me. I bare pretty much most of myself on her. Here goes:

1. I moved a LOT as a child. I would estimate that I attended 20 different elementary schools in different cities and provinces. Somehow I still turned out ok! I think God was watching over me.

2. I am extremely shy and I will avoid small talk at all costs. I have in the past quickly turned down the other aisle if I saw an acquaintance for fear of the dreaded 'small talk'.

3. I don't like any shell fish and I don't eat much fish, unless it's name is Highliner. I'm not allergic, I just don't like seafood. I'm the only one in my house that doesn't like it and they are constantly trying to get me to eat's not happening.

4. I had several cats growing up. One cat we adopted from another family named 'Boots'. Boots was a gorgeous black cat with eyes as blue as the sea and he had perfect white feet. One day my friend knocked at the door when I was getting home from school. She told me she thought my cat had been hit by a car. I went running with her and found Boots in the ditch. It turns out that her mom was the one who hit him on her way home from work and that's how my friend knew. It's no one's fault a grown up my cats have always been indoor cats.

5. I've never broken a bone or needed stitches. Pretty good considering I was hit by a car while riding my 10 speed when I was 15. I did go to the hospital but all they did was clean my wounds. Years later it turned out that I couldn't breathe through my nose and I had to have an operation to fix it. I think this is when I injured my nose as I slid on my face...yikes!

Well who to tag.....I'll pick.

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  1. I'll be working on this! Thanks for tagging me...

  2. Wow, great stuff. I dont like seafood either but only if it tastes like fish. I like shrimp though:) Amazing about not breaking any bones...of course, i didnt break any until I was 30...and then it was my shoulder. My arm still isnt right...sorry about your cat:( Thanks for sharing!!

  3. My husband lived like that, moving all over the place so that he doesn't really know where he should say he's "from"

  4. You sound like someone whose blog I will enjoy reading. I'm glad I followed the link here. Drop by my blog for a cuppa and a chat sometime.

  5. I didn't move much as a child, nor as an adult.

    I am not terribly shy, but I don't like large groups when I don't know people. I would rather do a one on one conversation. I know someone who is terribly shy, and she is so hard to talk to, but it is getting better.

    I am with you all the way with the seafood thing, but I do like salmon. Sirdar is the only one in the house who likes sea food, and we are trying to convince him otherwise (kidding).

    Sad about your cat. Ours are indoor outdoor, and we worry about them sometimes when they are out.

    I have never broken a bone or got stitches either. I did do a header over the handlebars of my bike going down a trail, hitting a pothole, when I was 20. Ended up with a bunch of scrapes, and a scar on my baby finger that is still there.

  6. I'm so with you on #2. I'm terrible about it. If I notice someone I know in the mall, I immediately become very interested in the tile. I have to go to a kid's birthday party tonight and I'm dreading it. I hate those situations.

    If I had to choose my last meal on earth, it would be shrimp scampi :)

    I've lost a lot of pets through my younger years. Terribly painful and probably why I refuse to get any as an adult.

    I'll try to get on this soon. I'm so behind (as usual).