Monday, October 22, 2007

All about my Knitting Weekend

I got a parcel notification in the mail on Friday - my DS would normally have been at home, but he picked up an extra shift at work. Wouldn't you know it, that's when I get a parcel delivered. Since I wasn't at home, they took it back to the post office depot for me to pick up - the aggravating part was that I couldn't pick it up until the following day after 1:00 p.m.

I wondered all night where the parcel was from. Was it from my Fall Into Autumn DishCloth Swap partner, peaches and cream yarn I ordered online, or a package from my mom who is sending me a shawl she crocheted for my DD and my niece? That is a lot to wonder over if you're a curious George like me.

Well I was finally relieved to pick it up on Saturday to find out what the package was. It was the box of Peaches and Cream that I had ordered online. I have to say I wasn't disappointed and even though it cost a bit more due to shipping it was totally worth it. I opened the box squealing like a 3 yo on Christmas morning. Oliver was jumping up and down beside me wondering what all the fuss was. I think he thought it was a box of doggie treats by the way I was acting! I opened the box up and started pulling them out one by one examining each colour. I have to say I sat there and looked at them for awhile before I would even consider opening one up and taking the ball band wrapper off. I know I am such a yarn geek! For those in the U.S. this is no big deal but for me it was huge - all I can get locally is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. There was a time when London Drugs would carry Lily Sugar and Cream but they don't anymore. I was so impressed by both the quality of the product and the colour selections. I will definitely be ordering again.

I went to another LYS this weekend looking for something for my partner in the Knitters Tea Swap 4. I'm so glad I took the time to try to visit this shop. It's more of what I think a yarn shop should be like. It's in an older area of town that we call Cathedral area. It's in an old house and as soon as I entered it I knew this was going to be a great place. They have tons of yarn and they even spin and dye their own yarn right there in the shop. There was a lovely seating area with two couches, some coffee tables all nestled in by a fireplace! Even though the poor lady who was opening the shop when I got there as soon as the clock said 10:00 a.m. was having a hectic morning and opening the shop wasn't going as planned - she was always there to help me out and make suggestions of items that I could purchase that would please my swap partner. They had tons of needles including the wonderful Addi Turbo's I've been hearing so much about. I'll definitely be going back and if they have enough people in January I just may take a sock making class.

Speaking of Addi Turbo's - I don't know how I missed this(probably because I didn't realize what a gem they are), but I have a pair of them that I must have been given my someone here at the church. We often get estate yarn and knitting items donated. Anyway they are a really small pair in a size 2mm circulars and the cord is short - but I think if I play with them a bit, it will give me an idea of whether I can get used to circulars or not. I did play a bit on the weekend with my Aero circulars and I can do it, but when the yarn comes off the cord and onto the needle I had to be constantly trying to pull it over and I found that annoying - I'm not sure whether this is normal for circular knitting or not.

They didn't really have any exciting colours of dishcloth cotton at the LYS so I went to Michael's. I had a couple of colour choices in mind to make a Ball Band dishcloth. I found what I was looking for and I set out to leave when I started hearing Christmas music calling to me. I followed the sound and was led to the Christmas tree display - without my DH to talk sense into me or to help me talk myself out of it I decided to buy a new tree. Now I don't feel too guilty as it was on sale and it's pre-lit with LED lights so it will use less power - not to mention that I've had the same tree for almost 10 years and it wasn't a very expensive one when we bought it, but our apartment didn't allow real trees at the time. Now that I enjoy putting up the tree right before Advent it's important to have a tree that will last more than 14 days. I know my sis gets trees that last forever, but our trees are shipped in more than a month before Christmas and if there is no snow yet - they just sit and start dying and by the time we get them home they don't have a lot of life left in them.

I went home excited about my tree and receiving my package of yarn and I set down to figure out the Ball Band dishcloth that everyone else seemed to know how to make. It took me a bit, for some reason I was goofing up with my yf and yb and I had a band of colour where I wasn't supposed to. After two trial runs I was running full tilt and I am happy to say I finished it yesterday morning. I went right from that to my new stash of peaches and cream and I started a basketweave dishcloth with the Victorian Christmas Ombre.

I think there will be plenty of dishcloths being made in the next while. I have to say whomever wins the DishCloth For a Year Give-A-Way will be very lucky indeed! I'll be posting some pictures later of some of the new cloths I've been making - it will give you an idea of what to expect if you are the winner of this contest.


  1. Christmas & knitting - sounds very cozy indeed!

  2. That yarn shop sounds wonderful. I love the idea of a knitting area beside a fireplace. Very cozy.