Friday, October 19, 2007

Ebaying fool

Well I've finally done it - I've begun to browse the wonderful Ebay shoppe's and to start bidding like a mad woman. I was so insane with bidding I actually ended up outbidding my dear sis as she tried to win a present for me for my birthday! Yes I am the bad sis now. See what I won though, isn't it beautiful! These aren't my needles - I haven't had a chance to take pics of it with my stuff in it - but I put my needles and accessories in it as soon as it came in the mail and then I just sat looking at it...I'm such a geek! It's truly a beautiful knitting roll - all handmade and a wonderful asian print fabric.

Sorry again sis! You were definitely on the right track with this little gem!
Then yesterday afternoon I got bored at work so I was browsing Ebay again and I decided to look for some charms for my Italian charm bracelet. I found some cute ones and then I decided to order a bracelet and some charms for my 5 yo niece who turns 6 in December.

Is it just me or can Ebay be totally addicting? Well if all goes well I'll open up my own Ebay store front after Christmas. I don't know if it will be a success or not - but I have really nothing to lose. I'm thinking of selling some dishcloths, hanging kitchen towels, knitted headbands etc. If it doesn't work - more stuff for my Craaaaaazy! Maybe, just maybe I'll make a little extra pin money to support my own Ebay addiction!


  1. Oh the irony. Your sister was spot on for a gift for you. It is a lovely needle roll. I have something similar for my paint brushes for tole painting. Good luck with your ebay page. I think dishcloths and hanging towels are great. Hmmm, you've heard that somewhere before.

  2. Are you spying on me - I was just on ebay browsing at vintage dresses! We must be related. Love, Sis

  3. oh haha! Love the madness of outbidding your sister...and yes, ebaying is addictive! which reminds me...I must just go and check something out...

  4. Yes, ebay can be addictive, guilty of bead shopping. But if you really interested in selling on ebay, I used to go to and it's really interesting to see what people buy and sell on ebay.

    What a nice sister you have!! To think of you, now what is she going to get you? Maybe those speedy needles?

  5. eBay is COMPLETELY addictive... but I think you would do very well selling your stuff on there!

  6. EBay can be is very addicting!! And also it can be lots of fun. Just watch the feedback numbers and read the comments of people who have purchased before you. There are some great deals to be had!