Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall Into Autumn Swap

Yay, my partner Cass got her parcel yesterday! You can see what she got if you pop on over to her blog!

So far I've really enjoyed this swap experience, it was my first one and I'm learning more as I do my second one the Knitters Tea Swap 4. This time my partner is not a secret and I'm enjoying interrogating getting to know her. Her name is Cassie and she lives in! I am going to get a parcel from California...that is totally cool. I shopped for her at my new found LYS and they have some pretty neat stuff there. We've agreed to have our parcels sent by October 30th - we negotiated a different deadline than was previously just means more time to shop....yay!

Our day got off to a rocky start - our car battery was dead. It turns out DS who drove parked the car in the garage turned on the interior light and forgot to turn it off....grrrrrr! So he owes his Dad for the boost.

I am finding that since I got all this dish cloth cotton I'm having a hard time staying focused and working on the shawl for my MIL. Maybe it's a good thing. I've got a dishcloth on the go and I'm starting to make some headbands for my DD and my nieces to put with their Christmas gifts. They knit up so quick! My one sis has put in her annual request for a basket of dishcloths for Christmas. I want to make her a Tweety cloth and I'm going to make a ball band cloth for her DH in the Edmonton Oiler colors of Navy and Orange. She said he'd love that, he's a huge Oiler fan. I guess you can take the boy from Edmonton but you can't take Edmonton from the!

I had started a scarf for my mom and so far I've barely worked on it and then my sis mentioned that she'd probably like a basket of dishcloths too! Egads, that's a lot of cloths. I wonder what is a sufficient amount to make. Keep in mind that I'll put in some other goodies too, a nice dishsoap and some lovely handmade soaps. I've found some that are great for the kitchen that would be perfect.

I'm perusing some Avon books that one of the parishioners has dropped off. I like to find little items for DD's stocking in it. I find that what generally happens is I forget how much I've purchased and she ends up with too many. I'm trying to really watch more closely this year.

I am actually wearing sandals and capris! Yes, it's supposed to get up to 24 here today...woo hoo! I'm looking forward to having the window open and going for a walk later today!


  1. Ooh... I just looked at Cass' box from your other swap, I'm gettin' excited - you pick good stuff! ;D

    How'd you get 2 partners from 2 completely different swaps with such similar names?

  2. Thank you so much! I love everything!! :D the dishcloths are just stunning. I'll post better pics today, the sun is out! :) thank you again! :)

  3. Wednesday was a warm day here as well until about 3pm then it got cold. I wore capris also. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with your swaps. Good to hear your DH is still true to the Oil.