Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloweeeeeeeeeeen Appppppppppples!

Halloweeeeeeeeeen Appppppppples! Or perhaps you always used the standard 'Trick or Treat'! Whatever you yelled as you went from house to house in your ghost costume or fairy princess there was something quite spectacular about this occasion. The excitement would build as you new Halloween was approaching. Costumes would be planned - maps of how you'd get to all the houses in your neighborhood. My favorite costume as a child was the time my mom made me into an angel. As an adult I've dressed up on a number of occasions my all time favorite was the year my mom made her 'infamous' Headless Horseman' costume. I drank through a straw through my shirt all night long and somehow for the costume prize I got beat out by an! That headless costume was by far the best ever!

Tonight I'll be settling in with some spooky movies on t.v. eating some Chinese food and answering the door to give out treats whenever I hear the children holler TRICK OR TREAT!

Have a happy Halloweeen!

Looking for a scary story - check out This Eclectic Life for a Texas Ghost Story - if you!
DH has a great post of his favorite extreme pumpkins - there are some great pics!

When dogs get attacked by Halloween costumes!


  1. Happy Halloween to you too. That sounds like a great idea!!! My favorite part is the scary movies but the Chinese take out sounds wonderful too!!

  2. I LOVE the dog video - hilarious!