Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Candy

If you visited my office today you'd be able to take a little bit of Halloween goodness with you. Each year I put out a little dish of mini chocolate bars - everyone who pops in always thinks it's neat and I love to share and of course have a nibble now and again.

When I was a kid trick-or-treating wasn't nearly as lucrative. The bag was filled with rocket candy and gum with the occasional package of sunflower seeds and the rare chocolate bar. These days the candy the kids come home with is almost all chocolate with the other small stuff like Tootsie pops, double bubble and even chips!

The rule when I was a kid was that all the 'chocolate' candy had to be kept in the fridge. This was of course supposed to be to prevent melting.....mmmm hmmmm. I know what you're thinking and it's true the fridge idea was the parent's way of pilfering the good stuff...naturally! As a parent I'm very aware of the pilfering rights that parents get to the Halloween goodies! Have you ever pilfered, even taken one little candy? I'd be surprised if there was someone who said 'no'! It just seems to happen - I guess we figure after we outfitted them in their costumes we should at least get a bar or two.

One Halloween when I was 10 one of our neighbors a young bachelor in his early twenties(a RCMP) was giving out candy and it soon spread like wild fire that he was giving out full size chocolate bars and bottles of pop! Let me tell you that was the neatest thing ever! You know he had so much fun handing out the treats and seeing the happy looks on our faces as we grinned through our masks at him as he placed the large sized goodies into our pillow cases.

I always look forward to handing out the candy. Last year I was so disappointed as we had only 10 kids come by. I had bought for over 100! The weather was great so I'm not sure why there were so few. I think a lot of parents plan alternate activities for their kids such as parties and mall trick-or-treating.

I am once again prepared to hand out treats and I hope to see more kids. What was your favorite Halloween candy? I would have to say mine was the packages of sunflower seeds and whatever chocolate bars I could get.


  1. Chuckles ---- gum drop type candy in red yellow orange green and black LOved them

  2. Clark bars... it's a Pittsburgh, PA thing, haven't even seen one in years.

    Pixie Sticks were quite common, but they always broke in your pillowcase and dusted everything else with fruit flavored sugar.

    I think it's nice that you have a little treat for people who visit you!

  3. Any kind of chocolate bar and I am one of the rare people that like those wrapped molasses chewie candies. And yeah - I've pilfered!

  4. Tootsie rolls. Really, we rarely got candy, so Halloween was like a treasure for us. Yes, my parents pilfered.

    One year my son got so much candy that I took most of it to work, and he still had plenty left over. He's not a big candy eater, and one year I had to throw out the candy from the year before so he could use his trick or treat bag.

    Where I live now, I've gotten one trick or treater in 12 years. One.