Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hold Me!

Well after 3 failed attempts our 18 year old DS has passed his Driver's Road Test. I'm going to have to get one of these babies for the window! But seriously he has waited until he's mature enough to drive - he didn't rush out just to have it, and that I am grateful for. I will be a little nervous for the first bit as he drives alone, as I'm sure every parent is!

Update: Our son took the car out last night and drove him and a friend to a local gaming was a success....and I made it even though I didn't think I could let him go...I did it! Today he drove himself to work. I think these short trips will be great to get him used to driving. I like the idea of sending him to the store thanks JennyMcB!! I love your support, you have been there before.


  1. I hear ya - Cameron's got his learners and it is nailbiting!

  2. I can understand. Our oldest is 16 and I am nervous driving with her. She is a pretty good driver already, but still, she is only 16. Last weekend she got to practise a 5 speed on country roads for the first time. I always forget how difficult it is to learn to drive. Once you have it, it seems second nature.

  3. Understand your fear. My youngest is five months into her learner's permit....nerve wracking.

  4. It's all good....eventually, he must be so glad to have it finally.

    I mentioned your crazy contest again today. I think the boys are backing out of the escapade, something about winter and Canada, but I still think I can get some crazy bloggers together.

    Now put together a little shopping list and have your son pick up some stuff for you tomorrow. (on his own)

  5. How nice that your son has passed his drivers road test.
    I will be a little nervous too when my kids first start to drive.