Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pass the Mitts Please

Well my friends I have a problem - it seems huge to me. A few years back I was in need of a hair color bad! I had no regular stylist so I used an over the counter product that was supposed to be all natural and good for your hair(ya right). Anyway when I put it on my head itched and burned pretty bad. A few weeks later I had a scalp condition that needed medication. The doc said it was from the hair dye and that I should just use another one - but dying wasn't going to be something I had to stop doing.

I've had a dry scalp every since this first episode and I've dyed my hair a few times since then. I've recently decided to try to grow my hair out, but I wanted to do this gracefully. I don't like roots showing so I have been putting a temporary wash out colour in. I did this for the second time this week and the colour didn't burn or make me itch during but afterward....oy! My scalp itched so bad it was driving me nuts and now it's flaking terribly and I have to smack my hands to leave it alone - maybe I need to wear!

So now the predicament - how to let it grow out gracefully, or do I just deal with roots. I'm not 40 yet, not for a few years - but I am at least 40% grey and I'm not too sure how bad it is because I've been coloring it for so long I have no idea what it even looks like. Or, I can chop it off Jamie Lee Curtis style and I'll know for

Does anyone else have such a bad reaction to hair colour, if so what have you found that helps the symptoms?


  1. Oooooh, that is a real predicament. I would suggest going to either a dermatologist or an actual salon and see what they have for someone who has such a sensitive scalp.

    My mom used to use the do-it-yourself stuff too and she had terrible reactions. She gave up coloring her hair. It wasn't a good transition.

    Let us know how you make out.

    I'm planning on coloring my hair until I'm about 55. After that, who would I be kidding. I don't understand the 70 year olds who still color their hair. I want hair like Paula Deens. So pretty.

  2. Ack! Tea, DO go to a stylist! It's worth the money. I hope you can figure that out. I'll face the dilemma in a few years of having to grow mine out and let the gray show...but I don't want to think about it now! Hope you find a way to get to have hair color and not itch.

  3. I am thinking that you have already taken benadryl for the itching, but that may make you feel woozy.

    I second the dermatologist and salon. Actually you may have a chemical allergy, do you have other allergies? That might be worth being tested for, so you can figure out what to avoid.