Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Super Fast Knitter

Apparently if I want to be a super fast knitter I need some of these needles. After Christmas I want to make a throw for the couch in a ripple pattern and darn it if it doesn't call for circular needles(circs). I really want to get used to using circs - I've been trying but the ones I have are really old and the cord that joins them is very stiff. My sis told me that these are amazing needles and well worth the price. I'll be watching on Ebay for a few pairs.

One of the ladies who knits blankets for the church charity program just made one all in one piece with knitting and even though it's in multi colored mostly acrylic cheap yarn it looks great! I love the idea of it all being in one piece. I am not a big fan of sewing seams. This one was done in a waffle weave pattern and the one I have a pattern for is a ripple. I'm going to keep looking and see if I can find more afghan patterns that are knit in one piece. If you have any suggestions let me know.


  1. I use these all the time, they are so lovely to knit with!

  2. Cute video, but I was a little tense for the character's plight. I get into cross stitching sometimes, and I feel like I just want to get this part done, or I'll do a little more.