Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tales from the Scales...

Waking up this morning I put myself through the usual scale torture - the sucker is out to get me I swear!!! Not only did it not indicate a loss for all my hard back breaking exercise torture , it had the nerve to be up at the highest I've seen in years. So then my wonderful sweet and adorable DH gets on the scale, and yes the scale must be a woman - he was down another 2 pounds....good grief!

Hold on to your hats folks - it wasn't pretty. I yelled I swore using words only a sailor could appreciate and I'm too much of a lady to repeat them, but I'm sure you get the picture.

That's when the dear sweet man I married very gracefully and ever so gently explained that it was 'the time', yes he had to remind me of water retention.

Now it doesn't totally make me feel better, but I'm still starting off the day with steel cut oats and 'not' a donut and I'll try really hard to resist those 100 calorie Dairymilk bars I have stashed with my unmentionables. Maybe just maybe in a few days I'll be the one smiling after I step on the wench scale.


  1. That darn scale is a tool of mental and emotional torture. I've hidden mine away for the time being and I'm happier not facing that dread each Monday morning. DH is right though and I bet next week you'll see a dramatic drop.

  2. I agree...scales are male and bless your sweet hubby for making you feel better. What a guy!!!

  3. Aren't you doing some exercise too? You do know that muscle is heavier than fat, so if you are gaining muscle, you will be heavier. I usually like that explanation more than water retention, but I do know when I ride bike in the summer, the days I ride, I am bloated and my ankles could compete with those of the elephant at the zoo. But, I still like the muscle explanation better.

  4. It's probably a combination of water and muscle growth. That dumbbell training workout four times a week is building a lot of muscle tissue you never had before. Remember struggling through three reps of 8 at the start? Now you can do 3 of 15! That's a huge change in ability in only 5 weeks. You're doing great!