Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Technorati, do you love it or hate it?

If you were here yesterday you may have read my angry post about technorati. I have since deleted it due to technical reasons. I had gone to their page and found out that I was considered a D List blogger and according to them I had zero people linking to me in the last six months. I wasn't sure what I had been doing wrong, or why the people who linked to me weren't counting. I figured well I'm a D, that's that! I was going to be proud of being a D blogger too! As far as I'm concerned it's not what letter I am assigned but whether people enjoy the blog that matter and the most important thing is do I like it! Yes folks I blog for my own personal satisfaction as well - but of course I like that people pop by to visit - I like the comments and I like meeting people and reading their blogs.

So after my long rant about Technorati - today I went back again and it had changed and was showing 171 links. It must have been a technical error that gave me my D status. So I feel a bit foolish - I kind of went flying off the handle.

The fact still remains the same, I am happy about my blog and whether or not I ever make the A team is not going to change the way I feel about my blog or the blogs I read. I will never judge anyone on their blog for their rating. I may drop off if all your posts are PPP - sorry I just don't find commercials that entertaining - hats off to you if you can write them as I just am not that creative!


  1. Okay, I don't get it, what does PPP stand for?

  2. PPP is pay per post, people get paid to write an ad so it's a sponsored post.

  3. A sponsored post? That may explain a few sites I've visited.
    I like your site regardless of strange ratings. :)

  4. Glad it is all straightened out. Sometimes there are glitches, but I would be a little annoyed if I got a low rating when I am sure I am getting visitors.