Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #26 - A time to be thankful

Often it's so easy to get down in the dumps about what we don't have or how the kids behave and on and on. For me as a Canadian I am celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. It's always a good time to reflect on those things that we are thankful for.

Here are 13 things that I am thankful for or glad to have.

1. My DH! Of course he has to be #1! He's my best friend and so much more. I am thankful to God each and every day for us meeting. Whenever life seems unbearable he's always there to cheer me up and he's my cheerleader when I think I just can't do another leg lift or chair crunch. When he was away on retreat in September, I realized just how attached I really am. I guess it should be no surprise, we literally grew up together being married so young. DH, you are the best.

2. My kids! Yes, they are something I am thankful for. At times I want to pull my hair out but I really love them with all my heart and all things considered they are pretty good kids. My DS who always has a smile and a hug and it's so hard to be mad at for too long - my DD who although her moods drive me around the bend, is the most generous caring person I know. When she's not on her emotional roller coaster she's such great fun! I love that I have both a son and a daughter...I get to experience all the boy stuff and still do all the typical girl stuff.

3. Our home! Yes it took us a few years to get it as we did everything backwards. It's nice to know that this is 'our place'. We also bought just in time in our area as houses skyrocketed in the last few years and our house has almost doubled - it's insane. I feel bad for those young families just starting out, I know what it's like to want one and not be able to get it.

4. Sisters - I have two great sisters. They are two completely different people and I am lucky enough to be close to both of them. My little sister lives in the same city as me and we try to make time to get together for coffee once a week. It's been harder with her in University, but it's nice to get together. My older sis lives quite a ways away, but we chat on MSN and email a lot. We have so much in common, including our love of knitting. I miss her a lot. I wish we could sit and have tea and knit. I'm thankful for being able to be close to both of them and even though I can't see them as much as I'd like we find ways to keep in touch and that helps a lot.

5. My job! It's not high paying or glamorous but there are some great perks and my boss is great and I have no one looking over my shoulder. I love running the office.

6. Knowing how to knit and crochet. My knitting brings me such peace and relaxation, I can't imagine not having it. I love my new Clover Bamboo needles and crochet hook.

7. My puppy Oliver and my cat Ginger! Oliver is the greatest pup ever! love how he follows me around the house and snuggles while we watch t.v. at night. I love taking him for his evening walks. Tonight was especially wonderful as he was running through the crisp fall leaves. Ginger is an old gal but she still loves to snuggle. She has a bedtime and morning snuggle every day!

8. Of course health is something I am thankful for. I may be exercising to get lean, but I am generally healthy and anyone with good health should be thankful. I see death often in my job and it always reminds me to take the time to enjoy life while you are still able to.

9. Being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and extended family and my Granny. I'm so happy that we are able to use a facility that will allow her to not have to worry about stairs. I think this will be one of our best Thanksgiving's yet.

10. Good Friends - need I say more - Hi to all my online friends, you are the best!

11. A super cozy bed and a lovely green bed ensemble that I totally love and it goes great in my room - it's my 'quiet place'.

12. Our stash of wine. Gosh the DH makes the best zinfandel......mmmmmmmm delish! I love being able to enjoy wine whenever I want and not feel guilty. Now I just need him to start making his soap again and I'll really be a happy camper!

13. I'm happy to have a new computer - it's pretty sweet - if only I could figure out why my keyboard goes into different languages multiple times each time I type, I'd really like it even more. Either way I am thankful for it. It helps me keep in touch with all my family, blog, make new friends and play games.

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  1. Hello! Great post that you have here!

    my 13 is up on
    Working at Home Mom

  2. I'm so excited it's Thanksgiving this week! I love turkey and pumpkin pie. I hope you have a great long weekend!

  3. Great list. Happy Thanksgiving. can make your own wine????I did not know this was possible. I must go research immediately!

    Happy TT.

  4. Thanks for listing the little things and the big things you are grateful for. It makes me do the same. I love how you appreciate the small things like a new bedspread - you are sweet.

  5. That is a great list of things to be thankful for, and being Canadian, I am thinking of the things I am thankful for too, and most of them are the same, except the bedroom and wine. I like cross stitch and tole painting rather than knitting, but don't do it much now. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. I don't think we really have an equivalent of Thanksgiving in the UK. Our next event is Halloween and after that is Guy Fawkes when we have all our fireworks. Consequently, it's really lovely to experience vicariously by such lovely lists like this one. Thank you, Teamouse!

  7. Hey..its a wonderful list..thanks for sharing..some time its good to "take stock" of the things we should be thankful of..

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Tea- It's been nice reading thankful posts. Have a wonderful weekend with family.

  9. What a wonderful list my truly have alot to be thankful for:) Thanks for sharing...