Monday, October 15, 2007

Time To Shop

Well I finally broke down on the weekend and started my Christmas shopping, usually I've started already but I just haven't been ready. The problem really is that it just doesn't feel like it should be the middle of October already - I'm still trying to wear my sandals and capris and for the most part the weather has been cooperating. I suppose if we had some really cold days with the threat of snow I'd be more prepared. Instead we've been having gorgeous weather and rainy days, which is almost unheard of in October.

I decided to shop the easy way, I went online and browsed. I found the cutest little Mary Engelbreit coloring books for my nieces. I think they'll be a big hit. I want to make them each an edible treat too - I'm thinking maybe Christmas coloured popcorn balls...suggestions? They range in ages from 3 - 7.

We can't decide what to get for our son, what do you get an 18 year old that will be leaving soon and can pretty much buy himself what he! Maybe a set of luggage suggested the DH - good idea, but will he think we want him to leave?

I also picked up a Harry Connick Jr. Christmas CD - it sounded wonderful. If you don't know me you wouldn't realize what a Christmas fanatic I am. I start playing Christmas music once Remembrance Day is over - and sometimes sooner. I actually want to play it today, but I must resist the temptation or I'll be tired of it when the time is here to enjoy it!

I think for my Dad and his girlfriend I'm going to whip up a batch of homemade snack mix, which is just delicious and some certificates to rent movies. It's so hard to buy for him - he lives far away and I don't know him well enough to know all his interests and I want a way to incorporate his GF into the gift as they are quite an item these days.

I could always knit up more dishcloths for my sister and her husband. I usually give them a baker's dozen and they love them. Everyone seems to enjoy getting them for gifts. What condition are your dishcloths in? I dare you to take a photo of your rattiest dishcloth and post it on your blog. If you do, you will automatically be entered to win my Dishcloth for a year give-a-way! What an easy way to win yourself some gorgeous handknit cloths for your personal use or stash away and pass them out as gifts - they make great little gifts for teacher's, wedding showers and more!

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  1. Christmas thoughts - we must be related! I was just on ebay doing a little early shopping myself. Around here the Christmas cards get started on Nov. 12th, and I try hard to hold off on the music until the 1st of December.