Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And the Winner Is...

I was craaaaaaaazy as a TeaMouse and I was up all night tallying the votes. Here is a list of everyone who participated and the points they accumulated. Congratulations to all of you - you all did such wonderful posts and it was hard to determine the winner. In the end it came down to the creativeness of the post as that earned the most points. Make sure to scroll down and vote for who gets the bonus cloth....this is based on pictures you posted of your scary dishcloths.

JennyMcB(J's Thoughts and Musings): 45

JaneyWan(Life in Westcliffe): 27

Shelly(This Eclectic Life): 28

Dawn(Colours of Dawn): 57

Kitten(Kitten's HomeSchool): 19

KnittySue(Newbie Knitting): 15

Grace(Lovin Comfort Knits): 18

So the winner is Dawn from Colours of Dawn!!!!!! She snuck in an extra creative post yesterday and managed to scare up some extra points by getting her readers to beg me to give her some cloths....apparently some folks are traumatized by the sight of her cloths hanging on ye' ol clothesline. Don't despair neighbours of Dawn, she'll soon be receiving her first nice dishcloth via Canada Post. Dawn will have to email me at mrs_tea_mouse at hotmail dot com with her address and I'll solver her dishcloth woes.

Now remember how I was going to have a bonus dishcloth sent to the person who has the saddest dishcloths - well we can take a vote. Please vote according to the person you think deserves this pity dishcloth the most. Have a look at some of cloths and vote on who you think needs a new knitted dishcloth th most.....poll is at the bottom.

Life in Westcliffe

J's Thoughts and Musings

Kitten's Homeschool

Knitty Sue
I am not sure if this poll is actually working properly - please leave a comment with who you think needs the dishcloth more. I'll tally up the votes in a few days and announce the winner.

pollsWho should receive the pity dishcloth?
LIfe in Westcliffe
J's Thoughts and Musings
Kitten's Homeschool

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  1. I vote for poor J. Not sure if the voting thing worked?

    Congratulations to Dawn!

  2. Wow, thanks so much, my kids thank you, Sirdar thanks you (not because he does dishes, because of embarrassment) my neighbours thank you, and Eloise thanks you. My apologies to my competitors, I didn't plan to post at the last minutes (I wanted more people to visit my post and then come visit TeaMouse to get more points that way), but I am a procrastinator and often submit my written work at the last moment; I was like that in school, doing the all nighters to get the paper in.

    Thank you TeaMouse for having such a fun contest and the inspiration for some of my fun posts.

  3. Yeah! Dawn won! I will just cross my fingers on the runner up. I'll go put a post up to see if I can get some votes, but if not that will be fine. I'm just tickled that Dawn won! And thank you for doing this. It has been fun and fun to meet ya as well.!

  4. Bummer for me but a hearty congrats to Dawn, enjoy everyone of them!!! Grace

  5. I want poor janeywan at 'Life in Westcliffe' to get the pity rag, please!

  6. Oh yes.........I vote for poor little janeywan at 'Life in Westcliffe'for the pity rag. She is so deserving!

  7. I voted for Kitten, check out her dishcloths on her blog, seriously.

  8. I voted for janeywan at 'Life in Westcliffe'