Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Best Swap Partner Ever!!!

Do you know who the best swap partner ever is? I do, her name is Cassie and she just sent me the most perfect swap package ever. She was my swap partner for the Knitter's Tea Swap 4. I think she may have even sent too much!, *grin*, what do you think?

The unopened package from Cassie.

The lovely packaging!

Look at all that yarn!

A lovely Christmas tea themed knitting bag(gorgeous), Holiday Knit magazine, Mary Engelbreit list pad, Good Earth Tea, 2 Trader Joes chocolate bars, swiss chocoalte and truffle filled milk chocolate, Caramel Bites....mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm!

Seven balls of peaches and cream yarn...aren't they beautiful! Addi Turbo needles in 4.5mm, Walker Shortbread, Ginger Biscuits and Ginger Lemon Cookies and a pumpkin spice candle.

Ginger Snaps, 7 more balls of Peaches and Cream yarn(lovely colours), Ghirardelli Milk chocolate squares with caramel filling!

2 pound cones of yep, you guessed it Peaches and Cream yarn, I am so darn lucky! They are in a Daisy ombre and a denim ombre...some Snapple Honey Tea and a set of teas that include Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Her Majesty's Blend.

Some lovely Fable cotton/silk blend it's so delightfully soft!, English Breakfast tea from Trader Joe, A set of 4.5 mm Clover Bamboo needles and some lovely post cards from Santa Monica, Los Angeles and area.

The colours I received in the individual balls of Peaches and Cream are: yellow, Earthtone, Shades of Green, Pink Lemonade, Faded Glory, Black Licorice and Aqua Mist Ombre. They are all so beautiful!

I am truly overwhelmed at all of the wonderful items Cassie has sent - she told me she`s having a ton of fun doing the swaps and I`m very glad to be able to share the joy I got from receiving this package with her. Stop by and say hello to Cassie!


  1. Very, very cool! I wish I could find some of those pounds! Which swap was this for?

  2. That is a great package of items you were sent. It is great to get things in the mail. I am waiting for a pay it forward package, and have to get on doing the 3 I have to send out. I love getting things in the mail ;-) and I hope in participating in the pay it forward, I can work on my procrastination in mailing.

  3. Totally great package!!!! enjoy it all